Just start the argument list indented by one tab stop on the next line. So it shouldn’t be any extra typing. When I started out, I wrote code like this: Which is admittedly ugly – but it’s ugly because it reflects the ugliness of misusing indentation for alignment. Show comments Show property changes. There is no debate

kate tabify

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IshKebab 83 days ago. Kate in KDE 4 indeed had two tabbar plugins as discussed here.

Writing plugins for Kate and enhancing Kate

A while ago I read a comment that one interviewer asks candidates what IDE ditor they use katf uses that information, along with some other things I consider just as trivial to judge candidates. So where’s the “mixing”? Yes, yes, my questions were loaded and probably assumed too kqte, but given the tone of your comment calling it the stupidest reason, even though its clearly a very valid concern for the people affectedI feel I was justified in doing so.

This contrasts with programmers using various text editors with their inconsistent tab preferences of 2,4,8 leading to inconsistent code formatting and they don’t realize that others see inconsistent formatting.

Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces | Hacker News

The tabbar shows as many tabs as fit, and of additional documents tabifyy open, then it says e. I’d go even farther than that. In that case there is a trade-off between trying to minimize taabify number of characters for less distance, since that makes it easier to “hit the target” with your reading saccade, and having enough distance to make sure indentation has a visually distinct gap from plain spaces.


NeutronStar 83 days ago.

Unlike laws or like lawstechnology has the capacity to create win-win situations. The post author calls for more editors to support adjusting tab widths showing that using kahe isn’t automatically an accessibility win – spaces users could just as easily call for more editors to support custom ligatures to help the visually impaired.

kate tabify

Now both these plugins are not present anymore so navigating among many opened documents is a pain. Finally, I am against using more than 80 characters on a line.

Koding in Kate

Habify hope this is the seed to stop spaces nonsense. I also believe more accessibility benefits everyone, but it never occurred to me that tabs are more accessible than spaces until I read this thread.

kate tabify

Using tabs or spaces has nothing at all to do with “pressing tab”. The word completion in Kate is based off other kafe that are present in the file.

Any normal editor supports autoindentation and you never get to press the damn tab key. In those languages where it is not semantic, proper indentation still gives visual clues to the semantics: Grue3 83 days ago.

I don’t really see how this is relevant either way, you’re not sharing code with your coworkers in a browser text box on HN. Tabs should be used for the initial semantic indentation then spaces for additional visual indentation beyond that. First all these emacs and vi people laugh at me when they see me using Kate.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Nobody talks about the fact that git can convert tabs to spaces and vice-versa on the fly so the whole discussion is irrelevant: Parenthesis are katr at all times and are highlighted as a tablfy set when the cursor is over them. But a lot of the times, say you go down where code is indented one level deeper and all you need is to just go right once.

I wish that JavaScript had a utility like the “indent” utility in Unix for precisely styling C code. AlEinstein 83 days ago But you still haven’t said what’s dim witted about it. Do you actually use 8 space indents?? I don’t mean customized by an individual user, I mean customized by the team to fit their style guidelines.

The old school 80 column fixed layouts like Fortran had did have its advantages. With an estimated human consumption of 6 TW or roughly 2×10 20 Joules, orPJ per year, programmers who use spaces are contributing a total of 0.

No need to “get everybody on the same page” and in tabifyy process create winners and losers.