Grain De Sable CD. First the meditative opening. Warning- nothing good comes easy! This music suggests the spiritual quest for something beyond, for greater truth, and for communications from the heart. The album consists in 7 very interesting and varied tracks, each inspired by the various meanings, elements and characteristics of the 7 major energy centers in our subtle body, called The Chakras as recognized by the Hindu spiritual tradition.

ladilafe tryo mp3

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Nevertheless, even these pieces are executed with sincere love, evolving into smooth, atmospheric cuts. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. All those who are still in awe with the beauty of the band’s effort “Viajes” will be able to undertand it better if they get acquainted with this album’ second half.

In this case, TRYO Chile – to distinguish this TRYO from any other bands named “Tryo”- reminds me of the moment when the birthing- room nurse placed my firstborn, wrapped neatly in a tiny bundle, in my arms. Grain De Sable Import. CD Used Like New.


Around the middle the sound of birds on ”Transcurso” will try to introduce the listener to a completely different mood. The album opens with a four part suite that is about the Ladulafe of Valparaiso. Usually this band has been electric trio el. Condensacion Condensation”the Spiral, the Source, and the cosmic consciousness. The interplay from the members is amazing but at some moments the compositions tend too sound a bit similar. In this sense, this travel goes from the macro cosmos outer world to the micro cosmos ladilqfe worldand from the 1st chakra track 1 to the last chakra track 7.


The second part of this CD concludes with music in the ,adilafe of King Crimson, both the dark and compelling “Red”- climates as the ‘Nineties-era’ featuring a propulsive and dynamic sound with Fripperian guitar work some howling and biting solistrong drum beats and powerful bass play.

ladilafe tryo mp3

Here the ensemble playing is also acoustic and filled with the intuitive, feeling, and thought. Tryo biography TRYO is named by a lot of people like the perfect trio, this progressive and acoustic chilean rock band is formed by: Felix Carbone, on drums and percussion, Ismael Cortez on guitars and Francisco Cortez on violoncello and bass guitar.

The album consists in 7 very interesting and varied tracks, each inspired by the various meanings, elements and characteristics of the 7 major energy centers in our subtle body, called The Chakras as recognized by the Hindu spiritual tradition.

I wish they had done as they usually do, and that is mix the acoustic with the electric.

Tryo Music Downloads : Ladilafe :: MP3

The guitar lead that appears somewhere in the middle is constrained enough not to break the track’s overall spirit. The inclusion of more compositions with vocals, the addition of instruments? The remaining tracks are conceived in the vein of chamber music with an array of classica lguitar, cello and assorted percussions, featuring vibraphone.

Vent Debout La Tribu But this record “Viajes” is surely my ladilaf favourite album released by Tryo – on this record they play mainly acoustic but very beautiful-sounding instruments, for example vibes, marimba, darbukka, also cello and acoustic guitar.

Collectively, and with the help of their manager Ignacio Carvajal and the album’s artist designIvan Gonzalez Smith, this trio of musicians becomes more than the sum of their individual parts.


Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. The mountain represents the spiritual challenge- it’s one thing to hold a newborn. Grain De Sable Columbia Europe The message is deep, coherent, relevant and optimistic, and the artist encourages to search within us individually and as a society to achieve the necessary solutions to our problems, reach the best version of ourselves and a New Global Consciousness all crucial goals considering the complex, selfish and competitive world we are living in.


You can tell from this track alone that these guys really have come to master the art of saying much with soft acoustic music. I really like the title ladilafd and “Nimios”, while the final track is a nice change as it’s the only song with actual vocals on it. It has a nice, heavy and try soundscape that picks up speed 3 minutes in.

Studio Album, 4. These come as series of Tryo on melancholic, acoustic crescendos with nostalgic vibes, Ladliafe orientations and Classical atmospheres, far from their heavier side and deep into more dreamy and trippy stylings.

The music is electric, vibrant, intricate, filled with rhythm and interplay. And while these are fine songs that are quite enjoyable, it wears thin after a while for me.

ladilafe tryo mp3