Welcome to the next generation of PayClock Online! I am still have a problem with employees facing in and it not registering for 6 mos. When the software is down you are unable to perform any functions. There was a learning curve but once you are used to it all is good. Yes, Version 6 of PayClock software only. We couldnt be happier. Our office staff uses Lathem PayClock just not the online version

lathem payclock software

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Simple interface and great customer support. View PayClock Online system status page. The PayClock Online software itself meets almost all of my needs. Limited telephone support for new customers is available on desktop software until the end of Software is easy to understand and use. Clock in from any althem with GPS location. I love the variety lathemm reports available, much more so than the ones I am stuck with for our field service personnel.

I bought a Lathem clock at a local retailer to move from paper time cards to actual time punches for my 24x7x department. If you need multi-user features, you can upgrade to PayClock Online. Multiple report options available. I called their very helpful and knowledgeable customer service department when migrating and they were able to walk me through a couple speedbumps in importing our local instance to their cloud solution. I would highly recommend to other! I can access it from anywhere.


Unlimited support from Lathem technical service so zero burden on your IT staff.

Employee Time Clock Software, Time Card Systems – Lathem

Payclocj email will never be shared or distributed. Unfortunately, this is a case of, they’ll tell you what you want to hear until they have your money. Numerous configuration options are available. It is simple to use and all of the reports are at your fingertips. Control where and how employees log in and out. You are attempting to access PayClock Online from a supported browser but the browser needs to be updated in order to work ,athem with PayClock.

lathem payclock software

Our past records did not transfer over and some of the reports do not give us the information we need. Dave Thomas Primary Eye Care.

Its Lathem’s 100 Year Anniversary!

This email address is registered but has not been validated yet. Lathem no longer offer multi-user upgrades and custom exports for PayClock desktop software systems except in Canada.

In addition, with PayClock Online software customers receive unlimited multi-users; secure data backup; no server installation required; lifetime technical support; free mobile apps and more. If assistance is needed from Lathem, the customer service personnel are knowledgeable and go the extra step to help the customer.


Ease of use, sftware in presentation of information on user interface.

When the software is down you are unable to perform any functions. Cloud based with customizable views for the users that do the time controls, and the mobile app works fantastic. Be careful and know what you are buying.

Always ready to help educate us on how to use the time clock to get the best service out of it.

Lathem PayClock Desktop Software Discontinued

We have aoftware Lathem’s client-server software for years to run our paycheck system, and while we love the features of PayClock Online, the cost per user is much higher than the value we get out of it compared to the old system.

New technology platforms provide more benefits to customers beyond the limitations of Desktop software systems.

lathem payclock software

softwage In the last 2 weeks alone it has been down twice! Choose from employee time clocks, mobile phones or online time clock PayClock Online offers the flexibility to better manage time tracking of your workforce.