Similar to the previous category, by identifying the motive of the benefactor one can better appreciate their favors. This chapter was likely revealed during the time of hijrah immigration ; a time when the companions lost everything — their homes, wealth, and tribes. When I was scared, I wrote. Allah hears your prayers, and in His wisdom, sometimes he grants us exactly what we want. Thus, the Quran utilizes this concept repeatedly and to list a few, the Quran reminds the human reader that he created the human species directly with his two hands His identity is shaped by his religion Islam , place of birth Pakistan , and nationality American.

laysal ghareeb

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He undressed me and denuded me… They then placed me on top of a board And the sound of water above me began to clean me He poured the water on top of me and washed me.

Faith is protection from being broken by the struggle. You can assume whatever you like about my character, but bad things do happen to good people, even when they paysal. Depression is not a failure. And my provisions became the embalmment in which they embalmed me.

laysal ghareeb

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Take your pain to Him, and He will soothe you and reward you for your patience.

Laysal Ghareeb (Audio CD) Meshary Rashid Alafasy

Did he not pray hard enough? In order to fix it, we have to be upfront with each other.

laysal ghareeb

Finally, after recognizing the general and specific wisdoms behind each creation, one feels a greater sense of purpose, responsibility, and loyalty. We have to be real in our talk about faith, because otherwise we set each other up for unrealistic expectations and lack of preparation for when we face hardship.


In order for gratitude to play a role in spirituality the blessings one enjoys must be utilized in a manner that connects them with Allah. With the deaths of righteous people, that advice always advances to the front of my thoughts.

laysal ghareeb

gareeb First, gratitude that brings about the submission of the individual to his benefactor. And they came to me with a doctor that he may cure me.

Will your family miss you because of an empty bed in the home or a deep void in their hearts? On our cultural subconscious, we still see worldly failure as being equivalent to spiritual failure. The word shukr is used throughout the Quran and is commonly translated ghadeeb gratitude.

Poverty is not a failure. Making dua can be the solution to your problems.

Laysal Ghareeb / The Stranger Is Not : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

We certainly tested those before them. They shrouded me in a sleeveless garment. You may hate your circumstances, and you may not be able to do anything gharedb them, but as long as you trust Allah and use your hardships to come closer to him, you cannot fail, even if this life, you feel as if you never really succeeded.

He told us so in Surah Baqarah Ayah How merciful has Allah been to me by giving me respite And I have increased in sins but Allah has always shielded me The hours of my days pass by without regret No crying, no fear, no sadness. I agree with my friend zalkhatib that his english translation has been used without proper credit and also some alterations made without informing him.


It serves as a means to better know Allah which can be achieved through a series of phases.

Laysal Ghareeb – the Stranger is Not…

When it hurt, I wrote. To elaborate a bit on his statement though, allow me to reflect: SubhanAllah… Rahimullah… that poem tore up my soul and heart… may Allah swt forgive me and my brothers and sisters. The will of Allah is not simple, no matter how much we want it to be, and when oversimplify it, we create a Muslim version of Prosperity Gospel without meaning to.

Allah hears your prayers, and in His wisdom, sometimes he grants us exactly what we want. And that means your world too. That the parents were good, so why did something bad happen?

Laysal Ghareeb – the Stranger is Not… – Verse By Verse Qur’an Study Circle

In sum, these verses bring light to the crucial role shukr plays in faith. But did you mean that this hardship will end, and then things will be good again? Oh how honored he was!