Thanks for sharing these interesting reflections.
You have asked
>Will decentralization and virtualization change the way we learn?why should I, being an adult learner (and getting old), collect and analyze “my data”? <
This question has made me realise that I see my blog as the pace where I have collected 'my data', i.e. data that might be relevant to an employer – with the exception of my personal data. The question seems to be how much and what data is it necessary to collect. Do we really need to provide evidence of the minutiae of our lives? I don't think so.

And re the synchronous vs asynchronous. Synchronous might have been more feasible with larger numbers of active participants? As we have seen Google Hangout does allow screen sharing, but I think for a limited number of people. I seem to remember that in CCK08 Elluminate was used for synchronous sessions (hope I have remembered correclty). I'm not sure whether Elluminate still exists but it did allow for up to 100 participants. Presumably Elluminate, like Blackboard Collaborate and Adobe Connect all come with a cost.