Hi Roland,
I’m happy that you find the Holochain concept interesting.

As you mention, there are definitely obstacles to overcome in terms of marketing. It’s true that sandboxing can be scary and tricky to understand. Hopefully Arthur Brock and his team will manage to convince more and more people to join them, and not just the bona fide nerds among us…

Because I’ve also been delving into mutual credit systems for community currencies lately (see for ex. http://community-currency.info/en/glossary/mutual-credit/), I’m also quite excited to see that Holo (and Holochain down the line) are promoting this kind of currency for people to acknowledge one another’s contributions to the healthiness of the entire network… Instead of all this credit flowing straight into the pockets of the guys who own massive mining server farms in China, in the case of Bitcoin!

It seems to me that such financial systems have the potential to become the backbone of a truly “distributed web” in the future, as well as promoting a fairer *distribution of resources* in society (since in a mutual credit system, one typically cannot accumulate more than a certain amount of credit, nor owe the network more than a certain amount).


PS. Is there a way for you to add a “get email notifications for new comments” checkbox somewhere in the comments section? I wasn’t notified of your last comment to your previous post 🙂