Added Sep 12th, Mirkwood archers now require a Level 2 Barracks. For the casual player, it just makes the game less fun than it should be. See entire list below. General – MotW Increased the movement of Gondor Soldiers, Archers and Rohan spearmen to 50 originally 45 ; member speed has been increased to 55 originally

lotr bfme2 rotwk patch 2.01

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RotWK Official EA Patch – The 3rd Age – BFME Multiplayer, Modding and Mapping

Guest Dec 31 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. The Troll Stone Thrower upgraded with Ice shot has an equal splash damage radius as the other siege units. Rotak is the retail patch 2.

I would rather they only used knives than only fire bombs, maybe that’s just me though. Rise of the Witch King mod Released Resource structures are no longer free, penalizing huge persistent armies early in the game and making War of the Ring revolve more around living world tactics than “cheating” the living world by amassing large armies in RTS battles.

I asked the Age of the Ring team if it is possible to have more than 6 factions in the war of thr ring mode. Sign in or join with: It’s fun to make regular use of every aspect of RotWK. Join now to share your lorr content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments.


Sk1llSh0t Sep 15 Make sure you have installed patch 1. Of course, we’ve also fixed the odd bug, as well. It lort several bug fixes and changes. The hobbit toggle weapon shortcuts now work when sticks are currently selected.

lotr bfme2 rotwk patch 2.01

Olog Hai Great Troll now has body armor and upgrades available. For the autoresolve battles, we’ve made significant changes to nearly all of the new RotWK units in autoresolve, so that units perform as you’d expect them to, rather than in completely nonsensical ways.

lotr bfme2 rotwk patch 2.01

CAH reinforcements can no longer be garrisoned onto transport ships. Rank of 39, Downloads 24, 11 today. The primary objective of 2. The 2nd damage state for the Fortress Troll Stone Thrower is now different from the 1st damage state. The Men of Dale banner carrier keeps pace with the unit.

We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Shelob now occupies the Dead Marshes.

lotr bfme2 rotwk patch 2.01

A must-have for vanilla RotWK players. General – MotW Increased the movement of Gondor Soldiers, Archers and Rohan spearmen to 50 originally 45 ; member speed has been increased to 55 originally The Fire arrow upgrade now requires a Level 3 Archery Range. To me its just annoying with small fires to dodge everywhere on the battlefield. Post article RSS Articles.


What is your take on this improvement? General – Angmar Thrall masters now cost originally ; Gundabad Warriors and Rhudaur Axe Throwers are now free originally 50 ; Summoned Wolfriders have been reduced to originally Isengard Berserkers can now change their battle stance.

Rise of the Witch King

Even when I choose custom intall bfm2 and pick default path same massege. Genre Real Time Strategy. Faramir’s Wounding Arrow Jan 10 Feature Learn how to properly use Faramir’s fear-inducing Wounding Arrow when there aren’t single targets in your vicinity. Rohirrim horses no longer change color after switching weapons. No articles were found matching the criteria specified.