The following website provides short instructional videos for how to add, delete, or organize MP3 files on the Player by using your computer. This applies to both video and audio messages. There about 75 such videos covering a variety of simple and advanced topics. Click the Save button and then you’ll be given a chance to place the file somewhere on your computer. Then when you have all the files you want to record listed on the left side, click “Start Burn. In any event, you should delete the file after 30 days since it will no longer work after that time. Playing Messages from the Music Submenu.


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Two Different Ways to Download Messages.

at WI. Living Stream Ministry Webcast Subscription Service

DVD disks are yet another type of disks. Do not check the “HighMAT” check box. But if you’ve dragged many files to the CD, the process can take much more time. Sometimes only part of the title will be visible. The Life Study of the Bible radio broadcast archives.

When locked, none of the buttons on the player can be used. The Windows Media Player should automatically start, and a License verification window should appear as the website checks your User Name and Password to make sure you’re lsmwehcast subscriber. The Church in Spokane. These look the same as regular CD disks, but hold about 7 times more content.


You’ll see something like the windows below as you do this.

The ‘advantage’ of these is that they can be erased and used over and over again. How to Sign up: Here you will see the following submenus: Since it takes so long, you might want lsmwwebcast download at a time when you wont be using your computer and then come back to it later. If everything is set up properly, a “play” button will appear in that window and by clicking it the message will be allowed to start.

You may then see a window such as shown below. Once the lsmwebcsat has downloaded, make sure you are online, and double click on the downloaded file.

Then when you have lsmwebcasg the files you want to record listed on the left side, click “Start Burn.

How to listen to ministry video and audio on your computer

At this point you might get a message telling you to update your Media Player, or possibly a ‘License Acquisition Error. Instructions are given for this first. After that step lsmwebcaet finished. When it’s done, the CD tray should pop out meaning that the CD burning is complete. As mentioned earlier, making an Audio CD is less desirable for several reasons.



To make a CD you must have a computer which can burn CDs. The advantages of this method are. The Main Menu displays the following submenus: Make the Windows Media player small enough, so that you can also see the folder which has the message files in it.

Living Stream Ministry

Then, a License verification window should appear as the website checks your User Name and Password to make sure you’re a subscriber. If you’ve never purchased anything online before, be aware of the following things. After you click the download button, you may be given the chose to download from several different sites–click any one of these, and then you’ll see a message similar to this:.

Also, after entering your credit card information correctly, you may be asked to create a separate password related to that credit card VISA does this, for example.


If you have an mp3 player or more modern CD player, choose the ‘data CD’ option instead. Pay for items on the www.

Click the Play Button. The Windows Media Player should automatically start.