The type of variable to allocate. Around , Microsoft released a bit version of MASM targeting AMD’s bit specification now known as the x64 architecture , which is a bit extension to the x86 line of processors. I did not bother to install an NT 3. EXIT directive generates the appropriate exit code. When writing assembly language routines for use in HLL programs, a much more structured feature is enabled. Although apparently not publicly released, there were changes to this version that showed up in 6. IF version LT

macro assembler 6.11

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Microsoft publicly released this assembler alongside the x64 debut releases of Windows: If a section contains more than 0xffff relocations in COFF, the number of relocations that is stored in the object module is just the value of the lower bit half of the relocation count. The name is constructed by using ‘??

macro assembler 6.11

Here is what he said: It may also not be possible to get exact timings with the newer processors. In previous versions MASM expressions were bit values.


The Express Edition did not release the bit ml Increased CodeView R information capacity is now available. Labels ending with a colon: Marks the object as either containing no exception handlers or containing exception handlers that are all declared with.

Microsoft Macro Assembler – Wikipedia

Allows definition of a symbol from the command line. This was the first Microsoft assembler product for the architecture. I did not bother mscro install an NT 3. File handles were also supported if running DOS 2.

Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.1 (v. 6.11) – box pack – 1 user Specs

K3D directive and K3D instructions. If you still need it, use from a previous version. Therefore, data is near, but code is far.

macro assembler 6.11

Declare logical segments using the simplified segment directives or full segment declarations. Defines a symbol for conditional directives from the command line or from prompts when starting MASM.

Several directives were removed from the Microsoft Macro Assembler Reference compiler. The original file date stamp was not preserved, but embedded internally within the executable at offset 0x10BC7 is the string: Borland’s TASM was noticeably faster with large files.


IF version LT For example, the following.

Microsoft no longer mzcro MASM a separate product. To write procedures for use with more than one language, you can use text macros for the memory model and language arguments, and define the values from the command line.

macro assembler 6.11

Users can check to see that Version is or higher to tell if the version of MASM being used nacro the. The MASM version 6.


DLL in versions 6. The type argument may be one of the following: Although the file timestamps range between andthe copyright year assembldr Conditionals may be nested up to levels.

This version was referenced by Microsoft in KB and Q EXE at offset 0xE50D is the date string: Both code and data are far, and pointers to elements within an array must also be far.