Thursday 5 September Saturday 7 September Monday 26 August Tuesday 30 April Lion tears via https: Born in Munich, Germany, Streitenfeld relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 19, first working briefly as a musical assistant for composer Hans Zimmer, then independently as a music editor and supervisor on several blockbusters. Wednesday 10 April

marc streitenfeld into the fray

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Thursday 12 September Saturday 22 June Macr 1 May There was a recurring theme or two, but nothing readily hummable. If anybody is interested, here is my review of Streitenfeld’s music: I’ve been following Into The Fray since the beginning and have waited for this moment for ages and it’s finally almost there!

Into The Fray – Marc Streitenfeld by ahmedh | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Wednesday 5 June It was such a such but fabulous and crucial aspect that Joe Carnahan seemed to nail. I need the soundtack of the movie: Watched the movie yesterday and liked the score to it very much.


Saturday 21 September Log in Sign up. A few years ago, Liam Neeson shot a little movie called Taken. Tuesday 13 August Why would he say, that a soundtrack is coming if there won’t be his tracks on it? Monday 19 August Collecting Wallets Alternate Continuation of Look into the Mirror.

Into The Fray

I got to watch this movie again last night and it was just as emotionally exhausting as it was the first time I watched it. Put That Back The ino were heavily marketed in the promotions but they are not in your face as much as they appeared to be.

marc streitenfeld into the fray

Surrounded Etreitenfeld Wolves Saturday 20 April Thursday 25 July Tuesday 9 April I found it some days before. Falling Down The Rope Wednesday 28 August Oh man such a fantastic score!

marc streitenfeld into the fray

When srreitenfeld film is out on dvd i’ll try to find where in the movie is “Alpha”. The entire movie is just one emotion after the other and that makes it such an amazing film.


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