It can be solved by cither of two very practicable schemes. That was not all. The matriarchs of antiquity, the Medici viragoes and the Russian Eka- terinas taught her more positive tricks. The Court is well managed; in all the towns splendid carriages awaited me. But inside the great halls the crystal chandeliers were already gleaming with a thousand reflected lights, and candles dripped mercilestiy upon the bare shoulders of sitting dowagers.

maximilian iti fac o serenada

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The Archdukes, who did a bit of trampling on maidenly toes, made up in boisterous hilarity what they lacked in august reserve. At Laeken maimilian had never thought of her environment. But the future joys of such significant motherhood did not com- pletely absorb the convalescent duchess. He pursued his brushwork charmingly, portraying the court trollops as they gathered in dulcet attendance upon their loved mistress. Who did his Majesty suppose supplied the poor Mexicans with deadly ammunitions for their fratriddal wars?

Leopold returned to the Continent where in due time he wooed and won Louise Marie of the fallen Orleans and Bourbon Une.

maximilian iti fac o serenada

The spark of died down. They turned out much better than his sculptural efforts and preserved much that is revealing concerning his youth and later development. In self-defense Maximilian pointed out that several Bourbon princes were eager to seize the Mexican Crown if he declined it.

At the last moment his mother was over- come by the illuminating force of maximulian of her staggering schemes. Thus an ovation had been planned to take place at the opera.


maximilian iti fac o serenada

More conferoaces would follow. On June eleventh the French general, Elic Frederic Forey, offi- cially occupied Mexico City where, with that courtesy which the vanquished races judiciously accord the victor, he was welcomed with a symphony of church-bells and a shower of magnolia blooms.

Heaven forbid I But she was a good Roman Catholic and a wise mother. The Court is well managed; in all the towns splendid carriages awaited me. Napoleon III loved his cigars and he was impressed by the me- nagerie.

Retreat was impossible without losing face. Its legendary waters were blue— a deep, rich, sapphire blue— and he was wondering what he ought to do about it. In the capital the spendthrift Miramdn was bribing maximillian clergy to join his ranks, while at Vera Cruz the Indian, Benito Pablo Judrez, raised the standard of radicalism.

Full text of “Phantom Crown The Story Of Maximilian And Carlota Of Mexico”

At least he had a right to complete his itinerary and glance over Ae narrow field assigned to him before he chose— Ae word was ter- rifying— a wife. After a long and terrible aege Puebla capitulated to a vasdy superior force, and the way to Mexico City lay open. Lackeys rushed through the corridors fetching mattresses, which were hdid against the cracks where snow-drifts prevented the closing of shutters.

Everywhere the masculine note predominated. A year after the imperial wedding Countess Castig- lione was the favorite. You can not be dependent upon France alone. Voluptuous of form and incredibly rash of disposition, she yet was neither a passionate nor an emotional creature.


maximilian iti fac o serenada

Hidalgo humored her, reporting with assiduous attention to serenadaa some of the more juicy scandals that engrossed the capital on the Manzanares. To save Cathol- icism, as well as the Latin races, from being engulfed by uncouth Anglo-Saxons and their mercenary culture!

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Estrada brushed up on his Proclamation-of-the-Empire speech while sundry clerics rcheaned the maximiliwn of administering an oath of allegiance.

But to Plon-Plon Maxi would not soften. This time it was not for herself that the duchess sought ad- vancement. For centuries past every one smoked tobacco, a luxury introduced into civilized Europe at a comparatively recent date.

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Senor PEdalgo had done very well fa his pupil and brought things up to date. Besides this the family coffers at the Hofburg had been opened and a fund laid aside, amounting to two hundred thousand gulden. Later, on the seashore in the South of France, she had caught sight of the Pretender who with his mother.