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minecraft codechickencore 1.6.4

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CodeChickenCore [] – Mod for Minecraft

I have figured out a little bit,I believe I know where to find referenced libraries but I am not sure how to add one correctly.

So my thoughts were half right about what to do,after I did all that coolAlias said I am able to see the NEI code however my client crashes upon start. Share Did you like this post? Unstable and lacks features, Forge version recommended.

minecraft codechickencore 1.6.4

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Download available at http: Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. The mod also includes a nifty search function, so it is even easier to find whatever you are looking for in the inventory screen, and also every single crafting recipe in the game, available by clicking on the arrow when accessing a crafting bench, like this:. No, it’s caused codchickencore this: Well obviously not,but referenced libraries?


If you’re going to provide that file you need to restart your launcher, reproduce the issue and do nothing else, then close the launcher and provide the log without starting your launcher again.

CodeChickenCore Mod crashes Server

Sorry if I sound like a newbie. Can I see a screenshot of your mods folder? Go To Topic Listing. Unofficial fork with improvements and compatiblity fixes.

[] Making a mod NEI compatible? – Modder Support – Minecraft Forge Forums

Note that modules can update independently. Abandoned, will be remade as an OpenComputers peripheral in the future.

So does anyone know how get NEI working in a de-obfuscated environment? Turns previously 2D blocks into a 3Dish version.

Recently Browsing No registered users viewing this page. Build numbers have reset recently, but updates continue: Insert image from URL. SSP only for 1.

CodeChickenCore 1.10.2/1.7.10 (Library for Not Enough Items)

It is very helpful when you are about to build large structures, as it saves you all the time it would otherwise minecrafg to gather materials. Downloads available at http: Fixes broken crafting recipes in IC2 build What does the crash say?


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minecraft codechickencore 1.6.4

Add creative tabs as dropdowns Component based inventory save. Thanks a lot, mate! This system has been completely re-written and tested.

AbrarSyed, luacs, dries, Malkierian and others. My mod contains quite a few recipes that don’t show up in NEI because they are made in custom crafting tables. Requires Codechickecore to run. This shows virtually nothing.