They never did really get it past Android 2. All that other stuff you mentioned touchscreen, type and quality and speed of storage memory and ram, etc. I’m looking for any advice on the above mentioned Tab PC. What it does do with no problems is play games and movies, but not browse or email. I unrooted it via tools and it turned red. Is overall quality good?

momo11 bird firmware

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How can I resolve my problem? Add Thread to del. When they flashed their momo, it ended up with a white screen – We later discovered that they had the momo20hd version of tablet – I can’t find the firmware for the momo20hd Contact us about this article.

Hope someone can help, or maybe point me in right direction. Hi guys new to this just got a momo11 speed and followed a thread on here to root it. It can show my location if I enable the location via WiFi but not if I disable this option.

upgrade fails : 0x162 ????????2

It was birf as it has built-in GPS but I cannot use it. When I do this I still get the same message, this has also been the case with a brand new card. The upgrade instructions say “better upgrade the device under window XP system”: Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks for any help.

Ployer Momo Tablets

Hij iam looking for a faster ROM on my momo20s please help. Ployer Momo Tablets http: Several functions may not work. I’m a tablet newbie and have owned a Ployer Momo11 speed for about 4 weeks.

momo11 bird firmware

Firmaare Bird 3 help. All I get is the message: Suddenly the tablet was behaving as if I was touching the screen, even though I wasn’t.

Download free firmware for Ployer MOMO11 Bird – for your device.

There are a lot of scripts and tweaks over these forums, but what can I use and what works? On the back it says “android with ployer” model: Posted 22 September – Hy to all, I am in search for ployer momo23, model p firmware stock.

After few attempts to unlock it, I got a screen ” To unlock sign in with your Google account, username, Password Tablet is really impressive, it has a magnificent fimware and with ics performance is good, if you’re interested i can post the link to my ics rom with enlightened system and tweaked build. I’m sure this info will help many others too.


firmwsre More on my Momo 11 Bird 2nd Gen jellybean 4. So I write to Pandawill where bougt that and they Momo11 Won’t Switch On.

Momo 11 Bird Edition – Page 18 –

Just bought it 2 days ago. As well as taking up space and cluttering up the first couple of pages of my widgets, these are putting weird Chinese text in my notification area or whatever I then sent the file and info to my friend hird living in another countryso that they could flash their momo20 also.

momo11 bird firmware

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Touch is OK, but no image Do You know if it is with built-in GPS? Member posts Location Tennessee.