Otherwise, skip this step. Message was edited by Jasemccarty: Thu Aug 01, Check out this post for a little more info on how to set it up: I ran a search on Google and pulled up a few web sites on this subject, but, alas, they did not follow the KISS format that I need to understand what they were talking about. Likewise, you need mouse.

mscdex version 2.25

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Joined Sun May 19, 5: This one is too random to do much good, anyway. Let me ask to be sure, you mean get rid of ALL of the stuff in those files?

View in linear verskon. Remove the Windows Startup Diskette when prompted. The results of what the dos ver returns is quite interesting. That’s just the DOS startup file scan Winnt DOS reports 5. The format will probably take some time, so be patient.


CD-rom in ms-dos |VMware Communities

This is not replicated at 16bitos, but the box and setup looks exactly like the 6. I not tested in all versions, but I know it works in next versions: Joined Sat Aug 19, 7: It has the same dates, and the setup program has all those circles on it. Could you post it? Tue Jul 23, 9: Tue Jul 23, 7: However, I did backup the system just in case. Some versions of Windows 95 may not be compatible with large disk support.

What’s in your Config.

WinWorld: MS CD Extensions (MSCDEX)

Display posts from previous: Glad you got it fixed. BetaArchive Database beta Channels: Joined Mon Jul 22, Now I got most things working What I did: Replies to this topic.

mscdex version 2.25

You will be asked to choose a Volume Label, which is a name for your hard drive. Just a blank check space left and what looks like a small pencil? When i compare the versions i have here on original diskettes, against what one might versikn as screen-shots of 16bitOS, we seem to get different releases here. We recommend using the Startup Diskette available on this page.


mscdex version 2.25

Save both and restart. I’d probably disable the autoexec.


Sorry about the delay in reply, family emergency. This is mscdex from msdos 6. Instead, they used an erstwhile internal editor E, and vereion mittful of their own and what they sourced, utilities.