Thanks to its high reliability in business usage and extended applications, it has now become the most mainstream application software platform for domestic mobiles. Only a few china mobile phones supports java. Questions about China Android phones? Webcam driver – Download Webcam driver – Download. After that you can play. Currently it has over application programs including PC games, online games, E-books, music, pictures, themes, chatting tools and so on. I am giving you a spoonfeed so that you have to download a file from bottom of this page and extract it to your phone memory stick.

mythroad file

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Download USB driver according to phone chipset from above list and install in the computer. Questions about China Android phones? Posted by Unknown at Download this file filf.

Sincethis platform has been adapted to all mobile hardware solutions. Choose one of the PhoneSuite program according to phone chipset, install in computer. It is also the release channel of the latest applications. Currently there are four ways: One is to update application list through [Update List] and then download these applications via the list.

Operation install driver first Volume adjust tool Volume adjust tool – Download Touch screen calibrate tool Volume ,ythroad tool – Download 3.

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Ever wonder how to install mythrod in your china mobile phone? The first thing to know is that which format your phone supports.


Game download Java games If phone supports Java, you can install Java game in the phone. I hope you know about.

MRP File Extension – What is an .mrp file and how do I open it?

MRP mthroad is truly a platform that can be used anywhere once it is developed successfully in one time. Find out chipsep moel: It offers many ways to store games, such as embedding mobile games in ROM, or storing mobile games in FlashRom. Please note most MRP games in Chinese language only. Certainly there are also many free E-books and games.

Download center for drivers, tools, applications, games! China mobile phone

How can I know whether my mobile supports MRP format or not? Connect phone to a new installed Windows XP computer, the computer will prompt “New hardware found”, choose the option of “Mass storage” or “COM port” in the phone, your computer will display the chipset model number, such as MT Some games are charged in registration subject to specific situations.

mythroad file

So it is difficult to use them. Resources Sitemap Resell Resource Directory. Please give me a proper way. Which chipset used by my phone? If you can directly enter the game list without such an interval, then very possibly the mobile cannot support MRP application.


I will have been waiting for your response. Want more MRP game?

mythroad file

Sitemap Resell Resource Directory. If your phone supports this then you have a lot of games and applications that you can download from internet.

Currently it has over application programs including PC games, online games, E-books, music, pictures, themes, chatting tools and so on.

mythroad file

China phone suit is an additional content For more games type in the search bar in this page game. If you know chinese then no problem otherwise select first one then first one again first one and there you will see some NES that is your nes simulator selecting it will display all the games in the folder ‘nes’. Play the games using num 1,2,3,0 and direction keys The mythrad contains some other applications and games in.

You can play mario,contra,final fight and more in your china phone Here is the solution. If not, then very possibly your mobile cannot support MRP application.