Karam in January Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 17 March — via Google Books. It holds the up-to-date record for best-selling Arabic album of all time. The tracks on the album were quite different from those of Najwa’s previous albums, with a more contemporary sound.

najwa karam khayarouni

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Taking this success, Najwa got back to the drawing board for a new album. Najwa’s fortunes took a turn for the better when she najwaa approached by the Middle East’s largest recording label, Rotanaowned by the Saudi Arabian Prince Walid Bin Talel.

InNajwa started work on her second Rotana album, her fifth release in total.

najwa karam khayarouni

All 8 songs of the album were entered in the list of “The Hot songs” on Fazboard Iran. Wadi had known Najwa for a while, and had been impressed with her vocal talents.

Najwa Karam – Khayarouni (خيروني)

The song was recorded three years prior in and was removed from that year’s Album, “Khallini Shoufak. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Following her success, Najwa studied at the Lebanese Institute of Music for four years, where she was mentored by renowned Lebanese composers, Zaki Nasif and Fouad Awad.

It was quite different from any Arabic song at the time, and appealed to a wide range of audiences.

najwa karam khayarouni

Her video for “Khallini Shoufak” was released around the same time as her CD. To further Rotana ‘s crediting of Karam’s successes, an honouring assemble was held on Saturday, 23 June where Karam was awarded for her achievements throughout her singing career and for the huge success of Nedmaneh. Najwa remained interested in music and in she participated, against her father’s wishes, in a television singing competition called ” Layali Lubnan ” Lebanese Nights.


Coupled with this harrowing topic, was a revolutionary new music video directed by Sa’aed el-Maroukwhich would transform modern day Beirut into a bleak and harsh wasteland in This was shown though songs like Tahamouni They accused me which included attempts at rapping, and Ew’a Tekoun Ze’alt I hope you’re not mad at me which seemed to have a complete Western influence.

Download Najwa Karam – Khayarouni MP3 • Collection • The Greatest Arabic Songs

By mid, an album consisting of eight new songs had been compiled and was ready to be released to the Middle East. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Mawal El Adyan and it achieved huge success. As her parents emphasized the need for an education and a career, Najwa attended secondary school at Jesus the Nxjwa College and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Najwa Karam

Saharni Charmed was exactly the kind of album that was a rebirth of the “old Najwa Karam”, and took the public by surprise, as they had at this point come to expect contemporary pop from the Shams el-Ghinnieh. The release, Maghroumehmarked Karam’s “official” transition from purely traditional Lebanese artist to the blend of traditional and contemporary Arabic that she is famous for today.

These musical stylings, along with an uplifting song topic and a powerful “mini movie” video clip made the song a huge hit.

najwa karam khayarouni

The album was intended to get back iaram touch with a more youthful audience from other Arab nations, with whom had taken slight dis-interest in Karam’s music from the late 90s. Retrieved 17 March — via Google Books.

Rotana set up a large launch party in Downtown Beirutwhere over fifteen thousand of Karam’s fans packed the streets, waiting for Najwa to appear and sing her new material. Retrieved from ” https: The album was recorded by another small record company, CM.


It’s worth mentioning that Najwa was a guest performer on Star Nauwa 6’s Lebanon final prime. The song was titled W Kberna We grow old together[11] and was an epic ballad in which both vocalists showed immense vocal range and depth.

Najwa Karam – Khayarouni (خيروني) lyrics

Due to the prolonged situation in the Lebanon region, Karam’s album was postponed from originally being released in June, then July and then finally postponed until November It remained at the number 1 position for 6 weeks on the Rotana Top 20 Chart. As one of the highest selling Arabic language singers, Karam holds the records for highest selling Arabic language album during the years of, Its video clip aired on Rotana Music Channels, attracting a large audience through its classy styles, such as the spider-webbed characteristics.

A” — via YouTube. Plans for another collaboration with Barakat are underway. The beaded fulle spider-web bodysuit, designed by Lebanese designer Zuhair Muradthat was worn by Najwa in the video clip, was later also worn by Jennifer Lopezin her music video, “On the Floor. InKaram made her record-breaking release Nedmaneh. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.