This is my favorite of songs sung by Manna Dey. That prompted me to write this post. Dear Shyamanuj, I admire your effort for giving some credit to Poor Poet who has written some of most beautiful songs — Bhajans I a have not heard much.. Bheeni Bheeni Bhor – classical non filmy song of Asha Bhosle raag miyan ki Todi video A group song performance by me and group colleagues in my music annual function at Thakur Engineering college. June 5, at 2:

nathli se toota moti re

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Madhukar Rajasthani: The Song of the Unsung Poet | Nothing to Declare

His first film was Bhed, with music by Mukul Roy. June 6, at 7: But new generation fails to understand Hindi or Urdu or even Graceful English with their semantic subtleties, lyricists of our day know none of these languages and what they write doesnt rise above crude cupidity or stupidity. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

October 6, at 5: What a cruel joke!. This non-film song was written by lyricist Madhukar Rajasthani Ji and was originally sung by Education is greater today than before. Manna Dey is different than any other singers for such wonderful classically trained voice and for the composition by himself.


Nathli Se Toota Moti

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A beautiful voice of Shree Akbar Khan is here. Sawan ki rimjhim main thirak thirak naache mayurpankhi re …. Aajkal aise gaane kyun nahin bante? Originally by Manna Dey, a non-filmi song. Lyricists have always played second fiddle to the music directors in Hindi movies. The heavenly world of children knows no barriers of class, colour or caste.

February 10, at 8: March 1, at 5: Rafi and Khayyam make it so easy to listen. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Very nice songs and lyrical and sung beautifully by these great singers. Madhukar, in my opinion, is the most underrated lyricist in r history of Hindi light music.

Nathli Se Toota Moti 3 | Manna Dey Song Download |

Madhukar ji belongs to the refined lyricists of Kavi Pradeep,Pt. Today all that is gone.

nathli se toota moti re

Meri bhi ek mumtaaz thi was also Madhukar Raajasthani … the great poet. Ja tujhe bhul gaye Hemant Kumar 4. Your rating will really help us to improve our website. I has listened to it some 30 years ago and then discovered it on youtube.


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June 19, at 8: But few have even heard them. Thanks for the original version of this precious, precious song. However there is little awareness of such music and poetry among the masses. June 8, at Dear Shyamanuj, I admire your effort for giving some credit to Poor Poet who has written some of most beautiful mpti — Bhajans I a have not heard much.

nathli se toota moti re

These are bhajans many of us have grown up listening to.