Click “ok”, and load Ray. But NHCL is setup a little strangely, and it requires a lot of customization. If you want the toon to have no influence, use zero. In the box next to it, type “5”. Not sure how other shaders incl. One of the files is main.

nchl shader

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I don’t think you do, but the instructions I followed had me do that. Shiny values range from 0. Go ahead and open up basic.

How can I make my MMD models look more realistic?

Скачать how to add nchl shader 2 on mmd – смотреть онлайн

Believe in yourself, keep the faith, MMDers! Highlight everything, see the “reflect”? Not too big, though.

nchl shader

Setting up NCHL and getting the most out of it NHCL is a great shader package– I basically stopped looking at other effects once I got it set up, so I really can’t say if there are better options sharer your main, subset-extract shader package, but I’m eager to hear about other good choices IKPolish files suggest it’s got some good things going on.


How can I use MME?

nchl shader

I would recommend low fresnel values, ranging from Check back here for updates to the site! You’re going to have to do something about that. Backlight lights in the opposite direction of your main light. Sorry for bumping this thread, but I’m a little lost trying to figure this stuff out. It’s easiest to maintain an empty save with just the NHCL accessories loaded.

Little French Corner

This will make shder specular bands wider without making them brighter. I know next to nothing when it comes to how models are built. ES is set up to threshold alpha when generating its shadow map.

Rim light is a simplification of light reflecting off of another surface back onto the rear of an object– it’s the rear highlight in those pictures of spheres you always see. Can I hide MMD models from my mirror?

how to add nchl shader 2 on mmd

A lower roughness will give you a tighter, brighter specular. I’m far too lazy to do so: Try setting the ambient controller at various values.


If you want the toon to have no influence, use zero. In my opinion, normal maps are the coolest thing ever, and it’s a shame that NCHL tantalizes with them, yet offers them in such a difficult-to-use manner. Load a skybox, it should come with the RayMMD folder. You can scale your main light up, or you could add some ambient, backlight, or soft light with the relevant controllers.

This can be done in the lighting panel. Can I keep MMD models from casting shadows. You should load all of these, but if you don’t, it won’t matter, you just won’t be rendering with the relevant bits.

Mmd soft light shader

Mmd nchp light shader File size: However, rim light is also beautiful. Open it up with a text editor: CLick on “file” and open when in MMD. Is there’s something specific I’m just missing?