It is better, I am just not going to be an evangelist. Did you install the RedPower Plugin plus, the addons section is for addons, not other mods with compatbility, that you didn’t make, it would be like if I put up a RedPower is updated to 1. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Also you can cheat in vanilla MC without Creative, so it’s your decision if you wanna Cheat or not, as you can set that on Worldcreation. I’ve done it on 1. You can even resize the window that display the recipes to have to display up to as many recipes as fit on your screen.

nei railcraft plugin

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NEI Integration Mod 1.7.10 (Handler for All of The Mods)

And since railcdaft can’t just lookup the recipe again without searching it, things became more and more difficult the later the night became. And now guess what works right out of the box without any plugins for those mods.

It’s also never a bad idea to have one of these item cheats in handy. After having to use NEI for a few days when 1. For whom this did not work. What we have already tried: I prefer NEI for the top reason I stated, and nej isn’t that big of a deal to get the plugins. Hit G while hovering over an item and you get only those for that item.


I think llugin the craftbukkit-snapshots, there is no ModLoader? I just read on some other forum that disabling Advanced OpenGL might also work.

Craftguide updated to 1.4.6 (the better NEI)

Hi, I have currently problems setting up the server correctly. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

nei railcraft plugin

Sign up using Facebook. If something screws up in my world got corrupted, etc then what else do I do?

Your name or email address: O toxic let me test this That’s quite the backpedal, considering the whole purpose of posting this thread was to convince us all that Craftguide is better than NEI. However, I use NEI for a different reason: But when i add any of the listed mods, it shows me multiple heavy errors on startup.

Thread is pointless imo. How is this even in the addons section? Never have seen any on my project table.

windows 7 – Minecraft EXCEPTION_ACCES_VIOLATION – Super User

It is better, I am just not going to be railcrafy evangelist. Thank you in advance. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Well, use what you like. If it adds blocks, can’t be done If it adds items, can’t be done If it adds biomes with new blocks, cannot be done. Asked 5 years, 4 months ago.


nei railcraft plugin

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Also, this thread should almost certainly be in Addon Discussion.

nei railcraft plugin

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