Windows Firewall Allowed Program. Thank you for commenting! There are no other noteworthy options provided by this piece of software. This significantly increases the chances of your files being retrieved, even if the disc itself is damaged. This high security level algorithm prohibits access to the protected data without the password set by the original author. This site recommends Javascript to function properly.

nero securdisc viewer

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Data Integrity Check protects your data from disc deterioration While nothing can prevent disc decay, SecurDisc can save your data by notifying you that it is in danger of being lost forever, giving you time to back it up to another disc. You too are learning to play detective to thwart dubious sites! When you record data to optical media, the discs rarely fill up to their capacity and a substantial amount of space remains unused.

Click to load comments. To decrypt, the user must enter a password in a program which will be transmitted encrypted to the drive where it will be decrypted. Security problem 3 How can I preserve my important data over time? SecurDisc lets you digitally sign an entire SecurDisc disc using a trusted signing key.

The first real FPS of the mobile franchise is almost ready. Security problem 1 How do I retrieve data from damaged discs?


Nero Express

Surface scanning checks the surface of optical discs for errors, such as scratches, and gives a quick assessment of the disc surface condition immediately after securdjsc.

Digital Signature can be applied to all data to allow recipients to verify data authenticity.

nero securdisc viewer

Although it does not come equipped with rich features of configuration parameters, SecurDisc Viewer serves its purpose, enabling users to rapidly view encrypted PDF documents straight from CDs and DVDs. Security problem 4 How can I transfer sensitive data?

Security problem 5 How can I ensure that my burned discs are reliably burned? Learn more about Nero AG.

nero securdisc viewer

In other words, you cannot modify them or send them by e-mail. There are no other noteworthy options provided by this piece of software. Lifespan of installation until removal. What do people think about it? Other practical features are also available.

I need to securely transfer highly sensitive, confidential information to another party, and I want to be confident that even if I lose a disc, the information will remain secure. The recipients can then use the key to verify the authenticity of the disc’s contents and ensure they are receiving accurate, non-tampered data. Windows Firewall Allowed Program.

Double protection of user swcurdisc against unauthorized access through: Data Reliability helps rescue data from a damaged disc After you’ve copied all your files onto a disc, SecurDisc uses the empty space to add redundant and checksum data.


Tencent and Activision have decided that it will be published worldwide on Tuesday, This secufdisc them to verify the authenticity of the data using the neto signature as a unique verification key.

SecurDisc download, free SecurDisc on software download –

Create an encrypted digital signature directly from the application and then distribute to anyone who viweer the disc. Which Windows OS versions does it run on? The most used version is 1.

Is your smartphone compatible? Rest assured that sensitive data is safe with SecurDisc. The password length recommended should be at least 16 characters long. The expectation had become When you transfer important data from nwro person to another, the recipient must be able to tell that the data is authentic and has not been altered.

nero securdisc viewer

SecurDisc ensures the protection of confidential data using AES, an encryption standard used by banks and the U.