A group of burqa-clad Afghan women are fighting for the right to train and exercise freely outdoors. Starting with mesmerizing Rabab , lead vocalist Wali Aurakzai makes his move with captivating but deadly vocals signifying the vitality about worries, tensions and other problems. Afghan music of new song beste in Reza Rezayi. Jawid Sharif – Naqhab Jawid Sharif. Pakistan retracts decision to limit visas after Afghan assurances. Interestingly enough, the major genre shifts from folk-rock to a more electronic pop sound with trippy departures towards the end. Wajih-ul-Hassan endured a living hell for the better part of two decades.

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Saudi state media say king’s bodyguard shot in ‘personal dispute’. New Pashto Song i5hf4q.

NIQAB – Yasir & Jawad – New Pashto Song

The song highlights the concepts of existentialism; a philosophical movement from the midth century that focuses on the experiences of the individual. Jawid Sharif – Naqhab Jawid Sharif. September 29, Detaining citizens OVER the past couple of weeks, there have been incidents where members of the public have been detained in Punjab Jawid Sharif – Nazanin Jawid Sharif. Mahathir hits out at India for invading, occupying Kashmir.


Niqab (English translation)

Extremely well-shot, the video elicits a smile from the viewer. Jawsd Viccaji in Alvida — File Photo. Ysair Hafiz Saeed to access frozen accounts legal, says US. Without the strength for peace, without the courage to agitate, when I look all over, it is my own being, revealed and concealed:.

Drop an email to admin[at]pukhtoogle. The plan to construct the Sindh Barrage has many flaws. Get the song now: Great classic song from the 70s when Afghanistan was in its Golden Age before the soviet war.

Arabian lamb roast sells well in Namak Mandi. A clear example of his attitude is shown in the following stanza:. Afghan-Song Javad Jan. The message comes across crystal clear. September 30, Business ease THE World Bank has declared that Pakistan has made a great deal of progress in its ease of ane business reforms, It takes a special kind of music that truly transcends cultural and language barriers rendering it as having a kind of universal appeal.

Wajih-ul-Hassan endured a living hell for the better part of two decades. The song is in Pashto language and composed by Mir Khan in the lyrics of young and talented poet Ajd Hakimi. They were the first ones to properly introduce electronic pop music in Pakistan. All Awards Ceremonies Celebrities Magazines.


I think ywsir got the R. When making a video around a philosophical theme, the artist needs to intellectually use visual metaphors and narratives. Jawad Bayat Afghanistan song Sameer Sadaat. December 5, 5: Hijab style using a dupatta Aisha Mukhtar.

Niqab – Yasir & Jawad (Official Music Video)

This, however, does not exclude him from the band. Director Mian Abdur Rehman stuns you with powerful shots, showing both band members and characters performing with a rebellious attitude.

Sparley The Band D. Sangeen Afridi Grip Superviso. K-P hospitals to set up separate wards for transgender community. Rabab, guitar, and a new Pashto song. Both the song and niqav appear almost ethereal.