In the end, Mizuki was seen wearing Ouroboros necklace, it was fitting. The cast did a great job, I think this was a pretty good adaptation from a manga. Jesus mikoshiba 10 episodes, Ikuo Ryuzaki 10 episodes, After that, Ikuo contacted Mizuki and they returned to his apartment. Meanwhile, Hibino finds herself in a predicament and falls into dangerous… read more.

ouroboros jdrama

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Arashi’s new single to be the theme song for J-drama ‘Ouroboros’

The feeling of loss and anger which she felt when Ikuo said his farewell and her crying over his death was so painful… I really wished for a lot of things…. He said it would only be jdrqma for him to be finish him off. Firstly, the revenge, the complicated puzzle and connection between the characters and lastly, the jdraa of this drama and another drama by Ikuta Toma, which is Maou. Based on Twitter reactions last night, I jdram decided to brave myself to whatever this drama will offer me in the end.


Kaoru 10 episodes, Kiyohiko Shibukawa Let him die the way he let little kids die. Still it was extremely sad. When they went out, Mizuki and Fukamachi were there. In an era where aliens have invaded and conquered feudal Tokyo, a young samurai seeks work as he can. Most Popular Action Dramas. Two high school students, Mitsuhashi Takashi and Ito Shinji, set out to become the strongest delinquents in Japan.

This scene luroboros touching. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

Ikuo falls for his partner Mizuki even though he realises that her father might be Yuiko-sensei’s killer. Danno tried to persuade him to drop the gun but instead got himself shot. Like, I do but the characters just makes you want to laugh because well…from hana kimi. This is the plot: But then it is over…. Well, overall, this is a dark intense drama and while the plot has holes, I still love this show.

Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. They drove back to Mahoroba, the only place they can call home. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Aside from Kitagawa, I hate this baka son as well. Not even because they died together—which shows them being happy in their afterlife, so there is a sort of closure.


Ouroboros (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

After Borders, i cant quite bring myself to watch the ourroboros episode of ouroboros if the ending is too sad. Yuiko resented that decision and took out her gun to stop Kitagawa. The actors were amazing! Now, I think time to make another drama for these three with a happy ending eh? Maybe this was for the best.

ouroboros jdrama

Basically Kitagawa told them the reason why he created Mahoroba. Is there any other eng sub available for ep ? He makes his targets fall into confusion and eventually commit suicide. Views Read Edit View history. Yuiko was beautiful, as always.

ouroboros jdrama