Views Read Edit View history. It turns out that the ad-hoc structure of Wikitext makes such a lossless conversion to HTML and back extremely difficult. Render startup-script for a specific platform, the [platform] could be one of: There are many ways to start services automatically, consult your server’s operating system documentation. Does that sound like it might be relevant? Now whenever PM2 starts the parsoid server application will run and be managed by PM2.

parsoid mediawiki

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If all that fails, you can also contact us by email at parsing-team at the wikimedia. See Terms of Use for details.

parsoid mediawiki

Some items to check about the configuration file are:. Knowing this, you have a couple mediawikl options: And what command are you issuing to start the service?

Note that urls with “transform” in the path only accept POST requests. To avoid this, we have implemented a serialization mode which is more selective about what parts of the DOM it serializes.

parsoid mediawiki

This one should work:. Fully processed tokens are passed to a HTML5 tree builder. Although, if your preferred operating system is not listed here, you might try the developer setup instructions — good luck! There are two big changes in this package that might potentially be breaking changes for some installations.


So, can you be a bit more specific about the problem with “code blocks”? Setup a scheduled task to run the task on startup. How to expose on a specific port: The stages of the pipeline effectively do two things:.

Setup:Installation Manual/Services and system configuration/Parsoid – Bluespice

medizwiki If you are installing Parsoid as a new package, follow the instructions below. With some very awesome help from mediawiki-parsoid on IRC I’ve been able to resolve this error through modifications in config.

You can convert simple wikitext snippets from the command line using the parse. Let’s create unprivileged system account:. In other languages Add links.


However, the above command I tried out returned the following:. Development happens in the Parsoid service Git repository.

parsoid mediawiki

For the Wikitext and HTML5 representations to be considered equivalent, it should be possible to convert between Wikitext and HTML5 representations without introducing any semantic differences. The latter query appears to have worked. Parsoid is maintained by the Readers Team Parsing Team.


What could be the issue here? Google pointed me to https: See bug T for some more hints on getting this working.

WikiLink property or mw: This is the latest release of Parsoid and corresponds to v0. Parsoid was originally structured as a web service and written in JavaScript, making use of Node. However we now have the strange problem that when browsing to a page, the user is clearly logged in in the upper right corner, however when he clicks on edit, the visual editor complains about the user being ‘anonymous’ and consequently in the history only the ip address is logged instead of the username.

See Terms of Use for details. Before you install Parsoid, you should ensure that you’ve got a recent version of node mediiawiki.

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