Decomposition of a Rational Fraction into Partial Fractions Formulation of the Boundary-Value Problem 5. Calculation of Curvature 4. The Multiple Roots of a Polynomial The Surface of a Solid of Revolution 7. Definition of a Function of Several Variables 2. The Mechanical Significance of the Second Derivative

piskunov calculus

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Piksunov Derivative of a Logarithmic Function 84 9. The Differential Equations of Mechanical Oscillations. Error Approximation by Differentials The Curvature of a Curve.

piskunov calculus

Calculation of Curvature 4. Transforms of the Functions sin at, cos at 4. Transforms of the Functions. Absolute and Contitional Convergence The Envelope of a Family of Curves Parametric Representation of a Function Stokes’ Formula 8.

piskunov calculus

You can get the book here. Evaluating a Definite Integral. Lagrange’s Interpolation Formula Triple Integrals Calculation of the Curvature of a Line Represented Piskunpv. The Integral Test for Convergence of a Series. The Derivative of a Function Defined Implicitly Evaluating Surface Integrals 7.


Differential And Integral Calculus by N. Piskunov

Derivatives of Different Orders An Infinitely Large Variable 32 2. Adams Method The Equation of a Tangent to a Curve.

Taylor’s Series and Maclaurin’s Series. Topics mathematicscalculusintegraldifferentialmir publishers Collection opensource Language English. The Arc Length of a Curve. Chebyshev’s Formula Points of Inflection Maximum and-Minimum of a Function of Several Variables The Equations of a Tangent and calcuulus a Normal.

Piskunov N.S. Differential and integral calculus

Hyperbolic Functions The Length of an Arc and Its Derivative 2. Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations The Lower and Upper Integral Sums. Examples of Expansion of Functions in Series Infinitesimals and Their Basic Properties clculus 5.

piskunov calculus