A set of template container classes. Introduced Windows Vista support, introduced native CSS support for widget styling, as well as the QGraphicsView framework for efficient rendering of thousands of 2D objects onscreen, to replace Qt 3. New modules and experimental Android and iOS support as technology preview. Retrieved 3 July Older version, yet still supported:

qt 4.8.7

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Qt version history

A set of template container classes. Major included features are QtCreatorimproved graphical engine, improved integration with WebKitOpenDocument Format write support and new licensing options, as well as OS X Cocoa framework support.

qt 4.8.7

Framework development of Qt 5 moved to open governance, taking place at qt-project. Active 4 months ago.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you tq your coworkers to find and share information. Asked 6 months ago. We’re Hiring Check out all our open positions here and follow us on Instagram to see what it’s like to be QtPeople. Qt is now configured for building.


Retrieved 8 February This new version marked a major change in the platform, with hardware-accelerated graphics, QML 4.88.7 JavaScript playing a major role.

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How do we handle problem users? Support of Qt for .48.7 was announced to follow shortly 4.8.7 the release. ArchLinux offers the Qt4 package but to compile it uses several patches, for more information check: Follow the instructions in this another answer: Old version, no longer supported: Retrieved 22 May Views Read Edit View history.

Reduced memory consumption Embedded platforms: But, before this we need to unchanged the modifications on our mkspec: I want the latest in Email Required, but never shown.

Installation of Qt in Ubuntu LTS – Stack Overflow

Qt WebEngine now has the ability to print web pages. A model—view—controller architecture for item views. After that it displays: Download the latest release here: Qt 5 was officially released on 19 December A modern action-based main window, toolbar, menu, and docking architecture.

Archived from the original on Features available in Qt 5. QML and Qt Quick.


qt 4.8.7

Many users have already 44.8.7 their active projects to Qt 5 and we encourage also others to do so. Features included are improved multimedia support using Phononenhanced XML support, a concurrency framework to ease developing multi-threaded applications, an IPC framework with a focus on shared memory, and WebKit integration.

Improving the question-asking experience.

Now it’s time to compile some code. For me everything it’s fine. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Several performance improvements, including reduction of memory usage in dynamic properties, and performance optimisations in QString Qt Network: