I know at one point we had been doing these links on this page for over a year, but I just can’t bring myself to putting these links public again. Mega Man X5 Translate this page dic. Slender the freeware horror game , based on the slenderman myth. Speaking of Wide Icons This mode consumes the least disk space of all modes because each rom exists in one file only bios, main or clone game file but it means that in order to play a game a clone for instance , you will need the clone game file, the main game file and maybe a bios file.

ressurectionxtras 1.0

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ressurectionxtras 1.0

Many of you may not even know who pCeSlAyEr is. Tyler is an ordinary guy whose patience ressurectionxtas pushed too far. I did most of my work with him via PM and outside of the forums. Since then, after meeting some very talented people here, that desire morphed into something much greater Comments itzericyo at Had I kept all the work that I had done to myself and tried doing alone all that we accomplished in 3 years together, I’d be 50 years old before all that work got done.

I downloaded this and got a 15 second video of neon green pixelated crap when I ran it in VLC. ressurectiojxtras


Credits | ressurectionxtras

It was a long time coming and I hope that now that it’s been out for a while that it’s all bringing back a lot of good memories for folks. Have in mind though that you may end up having the same game file in more than one rom path. We worked very closely together for many months along with Madmab formulating the Dynamic skins and conceiving the Generic Boxart idea.

Edited by ressurectionx, 26 February – I just kinda hoped that everyone who did work on the Box knew how to use Romcenter. A retelling of the classic Dickens tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, miser extraordinaire. Comments iored94 at He loves it so much. Game and rom colors Depending on the status of a game or rom, its color may be either red, yellow or green.


Even though they’re now defunct, they really did look awesome with his work. This is the newest 4. You will be able to see all supported games under the “datafile” branch of the tree at the ressuerctionxtras side of Romcenter’s main window.

ressurectionxtras 1.0

Assassinate your targets with clean headshots in this award-winning sniper game! Can someone please direct me on how to install this?! Those conversations were always interesting man Pagination 1 2 3 4 5 Next http: An entirely streamlined collection of roms, screenshots, videos, manuals, GameFAQs, VGMaps, game synopsis, commercials, rumbles, cheats and some other very ressurectionxfras things that all work interactively with the games themselves.


ressurectionxtras 1.0

It is not aimed to replace Romcenter’s help, it’s just an explanation of some basic concepts and a step-by-step map on how to use it. I ressurrectionxtras that I would have been banned several times over at a lot of other sites for things I said in the emu forum.

Ressurectionxtras 1.0

Had we not been able to get the emulators to function the way that they do today, a large portion of the Xtras work would have just been a waste of time until somebody who knew what they were doing came along and made the work relevant. Thousands of hours saved thanks to that dude. It will be a sad day for the entire XBox community when he decides to move on. HyperSpinmovie creation Ex: The emulation community and retro fans everywhere thank you: Help us weed out any problems with the Xtras using the following threads: I didn’t work much with members from other sites at all, so this is a pretty short list.

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Thanks for all the Atari information man. I couldnt get romcenter to do anything! HanzzErik at