And perhaps still is. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the subject. This is illustrated in the book with a story about how children learn about preservation of volumes. It made me think about thinking, learning, psychology, programming languages, math, and I learned something new about each of these topics and their interplay between each other, and you probably will too. It kind of makes me wish I had more and freer access to children who might be the source of important questions that can lead us to have a deeper understanding on issues like, say, morpheogenesis. Like other disconnects that people complained about in the 20th century, this begins to point to a problem at the heart of the 20th century’s conception of culture within the free world. He suggests learning through tinkering and approaching concepts in smaller “mindbites”.

seymour papert mindstorms

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Skills and discrete facts are easy to teach and learn one seymor a time. Do students just chalk the existence of such models to magic? He notes that education should seymoyr be rethought entirely; the car was not made by gradually trying to improve the horse and carriage.

But how does theory translate to practice? Many scientific and mathematical advances have served a similar linguistic function by giving us words and concepts models to describe what had previously seemed too amorphous for systematic thought.

Nor are they welcome in the education school, where their highly technical language is not understood and their research criteria are out of step. It is a developmental paperf when a child can watch the water in a skinny glass poured into a fat glass and say “there is the same amount of water in the big glass as there was in the small one”.


Part of the endgame though is to bring a new understanding of existing fields, like physics. Initially, I viewed his comments akin to how famous physicists fell in love with radio sets or cars. The “knowledge of how to work the world” is the “mother structure of lapert p. Seriously though, there is a gap in our culture that we do not have an institution or incentive to fill – “it seems to be nobody’s minddstorms to think in a fundamental way about science in relation to the way people think and learn it.

One of my go to texts for thinking about computers and learning.

Mindstorms: Children, Computers, And Powerful Ideas

Taken together, Papert’s ideas, read three decades later, crystalize for me a certain utopian fetish for the intellectual, cultural, and political possibilities of kids screwing around with boxy, green-screened Apple IIes. There will be new opportunities for imagination and originality. Seymour Papert has a background as “a mathematician and Piagetian psychologist” p. Our culture, he claims, is poor in models of systematic procedures.

The reasons must be real. But still, an important part of becoming a good learner is learning how to push out the frontier of what we can express with words. Here’s one way to draw a square: Likewise, one aspect of the struggle between Galilean programs and Aristotelian ones is that it’s a struggle between formalist and those who might escape formalism.

This research led to many firsts. Students may learn to have the discipline to think before mindlessly calculating pseudocoding, at least to some extent, before typing.

seymour papert mindstorms

Education will become more of a private act, and people with good ideas, different ideas, aeymour ideas will no longer be faced with a dilemma where they either have to “sell” their ideas to a conservative bureaucracy or shelve them. I read this book concurrently to Free For Allwhich showed science as it was practiced in the time this book was written in.


Professor Seymour Papert

Learn about learning itself. His microworlds are stripped of complexity and is graspable. May 22, Kuldeep Gadhavi rated it it was amazing Shelves: To be fair, the tag line on the cover does highlight this, but LOGO was far from the reason I chose to read this book—so why did Mindsrorms And having this style of thinking in their toolbox could help them learn other skills more efficiently. Needlessly philosophically complicated writing style.

Mindstorms: Children, Computers, And Powerful Ideas by Seymour Papert

Open Preview See a Problem? The mathophobia Paper describes still lives and thrives. It’s “vintage” and at first, I was taken back by the long tutorial pieces on the LOGO programming language, until I found out that this language is still in use.

seymour papert mindstorms

But on a more practical level, the book is full of clear-eyed distillations of how tinkering with computers can help teachers and students make thinking visible.

LOGO was mis-taught in my school – they sfymour imposed the “guided instruction” format of any other class on it, rather than allowing us to learn by setting our own goals and making and correcting our own mistakes.