Late last year, they introduced 4Mula, a new band with fellow Montrealites and former Vibrasyon members, Romuald Paul and Benjamin Guirand. We got a chance to chat with Gogomaji about his latest singles, writing and upcoming plans. Faut pas ignorer faut pas humilier Ohh papa bondye tanpri vin ede’m On a le doit d’aimer, aimer tous qu’on veut An’n aprann tolere, an’n aprann padone. We could share songs we loved this year, but for time and sanity’s sake we’re sticking to We have a lot to be proud of.

shes a boy 3jes mp3

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Jean Winer Pascal Words are bboy on their own, but when coupled with a melody, they become the soundtrack to our lives. In our first installment, we spoke to Jean Winer Pascal.

IT’S NOT TRUE,,by Gdolph by GDOLPHraboday playlists – Listen to music

And a lot to think about. And we’re excited to witness the next chapter in the rich Beaubrun legacy. Now, Paul Beaubrun and his band, Zing Experience, are stepping into the spotlight.

That’s why we’re highlighting songsmiths in a new series called the Songwriter’s Corner. Orginally posted on BizHaiti. With his fusion of racine and rap, Laurenzgo Gauvin has brought a unique sound in the pm3. On 16 Novembre, we find a more seasoned artist, with a firmer grasp on the world.


shes a boy 3jes mp3

And many more albums and singles. Is it all hype?

shes a boy 3jes mp3

Their debut, “Chapter 1”, is a groovy ride anchored by the Deslouches’ warm vocals. If J-Ron boyy not a singer-songwriter what could have been another path?

3Jes – She-‘s a Boy

Here’s how JoeDwetFile became one of the hottest acts in France. In this line he talks about his terrible financial decisions from this love, you might be able to explain it better than I can.

And he sure has perfected it. Song after song, he drops silky vocals over buttery smooth tracks. How did the collaboration come about?

shes a boy 3jes mp3

Tomorrow, we celebrate the Haitian flag’s th anniversary. He tells us how he got started in the music business, he describes the uniqueness of his sound, and talks about his creative process.

It’s finally here, and it’s a live EP she mmp3 on her birthday. For that, we are grateful for songwriters. We talked to the singer-songwriter about his writing, influences and plans to take his sound worldwide.

Get to know them and get ready to shoki on the dance floor. Or poignant reality checks like BelO’s Detripay?

She’s A Boy (Lyrics) – 3Jes • WikiMizik

Let’s start with Kite’m Ba Ou Love from Frap La, a hot track that talks about his dire need to give this girl some love. Gone is the bubbly sweetness of her earlier material. Nothing gets us in the spirit like holiday music. Many songs fit the occasion. My first name is Laurenzgo, composed of both my parents’ first name, Laurence et Sergo.


All you need is an aux cord. Debuts from 5 Etwal, X-Tassy and Koneskyon.

The patina of life – wilted relationships, career shifts, last-minute apartment hunts – has molded her They first met in Haiti and reconnected years back in Tallahassee Florida. We xhes share songs we loved this year, but for time and sanity’s sake we’re sticking to This week our users added some great songs on WikiMizik.