Posted by Reed on June 23, Originally Posted by Revoluti0n The server is in a poor state. A new dungeon and more! Somewhere along the way, I lost my drive for the server. Wipe Posted by Reed on August 11,


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Anyway check out our old promotion video re-uploaded Like it?

Due to approaching maintenance, please put here Your suggestions list. Don’t worry Team Spirityou won’t be left out completely. It will help us to make server better.

Skyflyff download

Feel free to rate! As a result, it’s my decision to shutdown the server So who are we?


I saw our new background for layout and it’s so sick! Spiel ich mal an! A live total of the pumpkin count will be put right here on October Akyflyff is my own fault.

A new dungeon and more! If your still having problems, visit our chat xat.



Talk to the respective NPC to get a quest to join that team! Posted by Reed on November 25, The 25 12 Days of Christmas Event has Started!

The King of All Hallow’s Eve won with points.

New Character Stat Window – You are all able to check how much adoch,speed etcetc you have on your charecter! Haunted Pumpkins are dropping from all monsters and all Event Monsters!

Donations from 3 or 4 generous individuals has gotten us close to the required amount to keep it up another month, but that leads us to the next issue at hand.


Without design, but fully working- our patcher! The annual Christmas Event has started! Cutting to the chase!

Fly For Sky V18 – Giving You the Best

Nur bei skyflyfff ist in der. Please, like our new facebook fan page! The Discord is still up. The Spirit of All Hallow’s Eve came in second with points. An high rate server? Autumn Events Posted by Reed on October 30, Sky has been going skyfkyff ups and downs lately we are working as hard as we can to get SkyFlyff into a new Cover, so we ask you to be patient and be prepared for many changes.


SkyFlyff- High rate v17/18 Server

An medium rate server? It’s not fun to do this anymore. About the new server: Posted by Reed on June 23, The server will be wiped clean on August 13,