On the side of the Sony HX7V is a compartment for the mini HDMI output — the plastic door is sturdy, with a metal pin for a hinge, and snaps into place when closed. A tiny amount of barrel distortion, though barely visible. Depending on the setting in question this can tack on a few seconds or more to your shooting. The algorithm blurred the WhiBal card in the foreground, however, because it didn’t conform to the expected “head and shoulders” shape. Sony has been pushing 3D technology pretty heavily these days and while the HX7V isn’t capturing 3D through a pair of lenses and image sensors, it does offer some software-driven 3D capabilities for still photos only. At this shutter speed, you won’t need to worry about subject motion blur for most portraits, and the HX7V’s image stabilization will help avoid blur due to camera motion. Extinction of the pattern occurred at around 2, lines per picture height.

sony hx7v firmware

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Drivers and firmware downloads for this Sony item.

I hd7v about 20 photos before the camera established a satellite connection such are the hardships of the 21st century photographer. This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat Background Defocus doesn’t actually blur your backgrounds the old fashioned way by adjusting the aperture, since again, there isn’t one but by snapping two differently focused photos, analyzing them, and applying the blur via software.

Results at ISOs 1, and 3, appear a bit grainy, but not as bad as we’ve seen with other digital cameras. Smile Shutter for pausing the moment of image capture until a subject is smiling as well as Adult and Child Priority, which lets the camera establish a focusing priority on either an adult or child in the frame.

This wasn’t as pronounced as it was on the H70, where even outdoors the sound of the zoom motor was prevalent, but it’s definitely a negative factor on the HX7V, especially in quiet environments.


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The front plate is brushed stainless steel, and a black rubber firmwxre provides good texture for a better hold, though it’s not as pronounced as the HX9V. First among the 3D repertoire is 3D Still Image, which will snap two photos at different focus positions while calculating the depths to recreate left and right-eye images for the 3D effect. ISO images look good at 13×19 inches, except in our red leaf test swatch, which is quite soft. In theory, GPS is a pretty nice addition to any imaging device as it provides a data record of where you’ve been and lets you plot out images on Google Earth or other programs that support geotagged images.

At firmwsre shutter speed, you won’t need to worry about subject motion blur for most portraits, and the HX7V’s image stabilization will help firjware blur due to camera motion.

sony hx7v firmware

Cyber-shot cameras Electronics lists. Rounding out the HX7V’s impressive Movie mode are several controls, including exposure, there’s even smile shutter, which starts filming video when someone starts smiling, as well as face detection and two forms of stabilization.

If you were inclined to take a VGA resolution photo, the Smart Zoom would propel you all the way out to firmwaer. In practice, it’s quite difficult to actually receive the signal on the Sony HX7V.

So stick with the external lighting for your closest macro shots. In practice, I had better luck with Intelligent Auto. Right of that, the Shutter button is surrounded by the Zoom ring, followed by a Mode dial.

sony hx7v firmware

Unfortunately, like the H70, you’ll pick up the sound of the zoom motor when filming. Unlike Sony’s GPS-enabled camcorders, the HX7V doesn’t offer a map view of your current location on the display, just the latitude and longitude coordinates.

They’re also fairly flush with the camera’s body, so some will find them difficult to use. The plug for the multi-connector cable is adjacent to the battery compartment — so the door must be closed if you wish to use the connector cable.

Both the battery and memory card are housed securely in a latched compartment at the bottom of the camera, which springs open and shut with nary an issue. Since it’s off center you need to slide your thumb over to access it, and this can cause some undue camera shake at the end of your recording if you’re not looking out for it and steadying yourself in advance.


Sony DSC-HX7V Driver and Firmware Downloads

You’ll have some control over the slideshow, such as the ability to choose the effects used Simple, Nostalgic, Stylish, Active and the interval between images.

Using the scroll wheel helps you zip through the camera’s functions and you’ll have the option to get into more basic settings, such as time and date stamp, as well. The camera’s flash is partially blocked by the lens, resulting in a shadow in the lower left corner. Because the Sony HX7V offers more advanced optical stabilization during movie recording, the focal length is somewhat cropped while recording mm for Retrieved 7 April Just hold the camera vertically h7v pan fairly quickly.

Views Read Edit View history. You’ll find a 10x optical zoom on the Sony HX7V with a focal length ranging from a wide 25 to mm equivalent on the telephoto side.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX7V Memory Upgrades from Data Memory Systems

Overall, the Sony HX7V did well for a pocket long zoom. You can choose to play back your images in a slideshow or a slideshow with music.

Fortunately, you charge the camera via USB, so there’s not much need to remove the battery. If you’re unsure what a certain feature does or how to use it, you can use the In-Camera Hx7c to learn more about it.