It does not run with the 64bit version of my game exe. You will now see a list of effects in the main part of the window that you can edit You can find various guides on this from Google I only use 4 of the available effects It is not recoomended just to use them all, each person has their own preference so play with the settings and get it as you want. Mimics the look of an old arcade CRT display. It can be done before the game runs as well. Darkens the edges of the image to make it look more like it was shot with a camera lens.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

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Sets a new black and white point. What game s you made this for SweetFX conffigurator PAUSE reloads the shader files this is useful when you need to tweak the settings while the game is running. The SweetFX settings file now include a description field to help keep of which version the settings are for.

MSI Afterburner is now compatible with shader mods. Ursprungligen skrivet av CMSpunk SweetFX is not currently compatible with 64bit versions of games – use a 32bit version.

SweetFX Shader Suite Download Version

I am surprised a small tool can do so much: Download Samsung Magician v6. If not then you can always use the included SMAA anti-aliasing.


sweetfx configurator 1.5

See step 2 of the installation section. Both 32bit and 64bit. Note cofnigurator although presets are often intended for a single specific game, they can be used in any game you wish.

It should work on Windows and newer, both 32bit and 64bit.

Not the best Presets are just settings files made for a specific game, series of games or a special purpose. Is a little easier to use because it uses virtual links to your game folder instead of having to drag and drop folders and.

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SweetFX works with almost any 32bit and hopefully soon 64bit DirectX 9, 10 or 11 games or applications. Effects can be turned on and off here, and their settings can be tweaked.

Includes some notes on how configuurator can make custom shaders. BTW, thanks to Wrobles, for an excellent guide: I cannot reccomend thsi enough it is free and easy too use. My game crashes with SweetFX installed. Reversed the DPX blend setting so smaller numbers now mean less effect and not more it’s more logical this way Better default DPX settings More conservative default Vibrance settings down from 0.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

This way you don’t have to worry about how to integrate your effect with SweetFX – it already is. Boulotaur have released a special version of SweetFX that uses his own proxy dlls that does support 64bit.


SweetFX by CeeJayDK

The installed files are: Or maybe the game doesn’t use DirectX? Lift Gamma Gain shader by 3an and CeeJay. New Levels shader to allow people to easily set a new black configuraor white point. Alternatively you can create a new shortcut to the game and right click that and choose “Properties” Under “Shortcut” click Advanced and check “Run as administrator” and “OK” your way out.

Adjust brightness and color of shadows, midtones and highlights and typically does it better then the Tonemap effect Tonemap: Applies dithering to simulate more colors than your monitor can display.

Granted, with Steam, you can never mess up because you can delete everything and just re-verity your game, but still, I prefer ease-of-use over having to manually confiburator things even if it is as simplea s SFX: You need the latest DirectX 9 update.

If you can’t figure out the right combination just from looking at your keyboard and experimenting, conflgurator read the documentation for your keyboard or just reconfigure the keys in injector.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

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