In that case, to ensure that the battle goes smoothly, it was necessary to properly display his strength to the general and officer Units, to show them that Gabriel — Emperor Vector was the strongest in this world. Although the shockwave of the impact traveled from the soles of her shoes to the top of her head, decreasing her Life a bit, Alice attracted more attention to herself. But the answer he immediately heard was unexpected. But, just to protect his own wealth, he could say something like this, what kind of —. Through the burnt wind came the tinny sounds of clashing metal —and screams. If you calculate it, we will lose 30, from our army. At the same time, it is — my true duty.

sword art online 15 alicization invading pdf

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Sword Art Online – Volume 15: Alicization Invading

From a rough glance, their total number was less than 3, Mumbling meaninglessly as he turned towards the console, he manipulated the mouse with his right hand and brought up an in-ship camera recording on the big monitor. An ultimate light that the tycoons of the world would be unable to buy with tens of millions of dollars.

It was unable to kneel as its legs were too alicizatioj.

The servant girl set the silver bowl in front of the throne, bowed her head respectfully to the Emperor, and exited through the door. The invaders could not have cleared the cave in one night. Strange wooden shoes hung off of his feet. I command you all, scatter this formation immediately; the ones with weapons, lead the way to evacuate to the southern forest.


There were Humans, Goblins, and Ogres. Lipia intended to ignore them and brush past, but one of the women sharply raised her wword in an exaggerated manner:. In the crowd, there was a delicate young nun using Sacred Arts to treat villagers who appeared to have been burned. He decided to put his life on the line, and sever the blood-stained cycle there and then.

[LN] Sword Art Online Alicization Invading Volume 15 PDF

It was not inferior at all compared to the lavish decor in the office of GlowGen DS headquarters, and in addition, the faraway night scenery was visible from an enormous window.

The one who told of this future to Lipia, was one of the Ten Feudal Lords, the Commander of the Dark Knights whom she directly reported to, and also her loved one. From infiltration to now, 40 minutes have passed. His tongue lost all feeling before he could finish just the activation command [ System Call ]; he could not even clench his teeth. Although his shoulders were not as broad as those of an Ogre, he did not seem to lose in terms of height. Gabriel noticed that only the Knight called Shasta maintained his kneeling position, without a sliver of movement.

Unfortunately, twenty one villagers had lost their lives because they were too slow during evacuation; a funeral had been held at the Church three days ago. If it had struck, it would probably have sliced a bit of skin off of his face.

Wsord fixed the scabbard onto the belt, threw her coat on while slipping on her boots and ran to the vestibule again. The surrounding Orcs screamed endlessly and keeled over. The goblins had already reached there, ssord swords over the blockings.


Really, they should just be classified as [finished products].

sword art online 15 alicization invading pdf

While Gabriel was having difficulty in swallowing the fact that this monster had intelligence and a soul, the third man let out an annoying, hoarse sound:. As Alice was thinking about what happened to the taut-faced middle-aged man, from the other side of the steam approached footsteps of running at full tilt.

After nearly a hundred years of civil war, they finally agreed on a document similar to a treaty, and ended up with regulations keeping the Five Races in equal standing. Kikuoka talked offhandedly about the frightening situation while scratching his chin. There is no such Sacred Task in this village! Of course, my defeats definitely number many.

[LN] Sword Art Online Alicization Invading Volume 15 PDF

That was like a drop of nectar falling into a stark desert. But, it was definitely not a trifle to carry two people and three Divine Instruments.

sword art online 15 alicization invading pdf

For us to leave our homes behind… leave the village behind and invaring Fortunately, he has managed to stay alive, but a portion of his brain… Specifically, his Fluctlight network, has been damaged.

In VR games he had played before, the equipment he took off would return to the item storage, but it seems like there were no such conveniences in this world.