Even after she became busy in politics, she always kept her love for art alive in her heart.. Press f for fullscreen. Maata Meera galada — Sri Krishna Satya. Singer off screen and actress on screen presented it in a awesome manner with unique expression without loosing dignity even a bit..!! Sharing the best of their combination here.. He experimented with her voice in a wide range from classical to Cabaret, from soothing to sensuous, from motherly to rebellious songs and the result was always successful!! He made her sing duets with almost all artists of that time.

thappu thaan theriyum mp3

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CNR gave a divine look to it by comparing the holy union of a wife-husband to that of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

thappu thaan theriyum mp3

Very few songs enjoy such a lovely choreography as this song does. Their combination started in and lasted till It therlyum challenging in terms of handling the situation of a wife teaching her husband how to make love to her.

Just close your eyes and listen to this rendition, it takes you to some unknown worlds. Sharing this article of 10 songs written by him and sung by Janaki amma as a tribute to his noble soul. He made her sing duets with almost all artists of that time.

Gunnamamidi song, mentioned above is a classic example for that.

thappu thaan theriyum mp3

Neekela Intha Nirasa — Aaradhana. Janaki amma got to sing beautiful solos and evergreen duets in his music direction right from his first movie.


Ilayaraja – S Janaki songs list

Really, Music has no language as music in itself is language of the soul …!! Maata Meera galada — Sri Krishna Satya.

Janaki amma is very fond of the sad version of this song but sharing the happy version to show how beautifully CNR garu compared the situation of the friends to two different birds in same nest and explained hheriyum friendship is beyond any materialism of the world! Even after she became busy in politics, she always kept her love for art alive in her heart.

Third is dubbed version of the song in Tamil. Raja sir and Janaki amma sang this song as if they were painting with their vocals.

thappu thaan theriyum mp3

From a shy girl to one of the most strong leaders Democratic India had ever seen, every phase of her life is a lesson in a way. She went to recording theatre with a very heavy heart and just poured her heart and soul into lyrics of this song!

But, This article is about the songs that Janaki amma sang in music of Balu sir. We could list around songs here. Melodious Journey of S Janaki!! Legendary poet and lyricist C Narayana Reddy garu had been a part of Telugu poetry and Cinema for years together. It is a folk melody of a young village girl comparing herself to beauties of nature and establishing that she is far better than thaappu else!

Thappa Dhaan Theriyum Maaris Karuthu Tamil Mp3 Songs Free Download – Tamilwire

Thus ended professional relationship of Janaki amma with CNR garu that lasted for more than 3 decades but not their mutual admiration. Haadalenu Geethe Naanu — Nanna Karthavya. Application has been deleted.


Let us move on to the list as it is not possible to put their works in words.!! This article is to list out as many possible songs that we could recollect from Ilayaraja- S Janaki in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi cinema. It was in Tamil that they recorded maximum number songs followed by Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Osthe Maamey

Konduva Innum Konjum — Neerum Neruppum. This is yet another classic to establish how versatile an artist he is.! Auto Raja — Sangathil. Bharath Tamil Kaathirukken Mr. Which song to pick tjaan the three duets!

Balu mahendran sir uses this song to show how innocent and pious their love life was before difficulties occupy permanent place in their lives. This tune and singing came directly from some unknown heavens.!! His collaboration with music directors and singers of golden era had been outstanding.