We only get this. She gave him her crystal orb that holds the lives of men who loved her. Then, Mi-mo recalls the day they first bought their house ten years ago. Mi-sun was a bit of an underdeveloped character, but Jeon Mi-sun did a great job with what she had. Come on, just call it a fox bead.

the thousandth man kdrama

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They both begin to cry.

He finally moved on…sort of. That lesson let him continue to love her even as thousandt moved on and now he remembers her as a happy memory mingled with some sadness.

thohsandth Going into this show, I figured something tragic or bittersweet would happen so my desire for a happy ending turned into a desire for Mi-jin to learn something. After Mi-jin scared Chef Seo, he drops the phone and leaves Eung-suk hanging. Raine — And here we have it, the finale. Then he asks after Mi-jin. Chef Seo was obviously forgiven. When he ran away, he saw a shadow with multiple tails on the wall.

Seo tells him not to worry about that and Eung-suk says amn has to see her and tries to get up, but can barely move.


the thousandth man kdrama

But her romance with Woo-hyun was different. Episode 16 — Bye, my precious love! Can you love me like this? Then he runs to the police station to speak with a very unsympathetic cop.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify thlusandth of new posts via email. Eung-suk was okay for a while, but his health took a hopeless turn for the worst. Did she eat them all?

The Thousandth Man Episode 1 eng sub – 천번째 남자

Eung-suk wonders what just went down his throat and Mi-jin tells him not to worry. Her pettiness was lined with sincerity making Mi-mo worthy of love.

She needed to meet 1, men and complete her love. Then he hugs her and tells her not to worry.

The Thousandth Man Episode 1 eng sub – 천번째 남자 – Vidéo dailymotion

After they hang up, we see how exhausted and anxious Mi-sun truly is. And she is such a frank character, which is where Ye-won really excelled. Mi-jin shows up at the hospital in her true form and kneels over Eung-suk.

the thousandth man kdrama

Thousabdth could turn themselves to human forms. She breaks down into tears and runs from the room. Mi-jin sits beside and unconscious Eung-suk in the backyard of Last.


The Thousandth Man () – MyDramaList

Before him is Mi-jin in her true form, nine tails waving. Now as the big sister, I have very, very often had my little sister crawl in my bed for comfort or mad bouts of gigglingpretty much from the time she could walk until, hrm, last night?

the thousandth man kdrama

Seo says she different from us and Eung-suk agrees: Choosing a shot was nearly impossible. It definitely brought everything to a close in a way I can accept. This whole dream sequence thing killed the mood for me. Her mother tries to shush her and Eung-suk tries to approach her but she stops them. Mi-sun fervently denies it.