Game play was slow but enjoyable. I love the game. Definitely a Waste of time. It’s a little slow as far as movement speed as well. People shouldn’t compare this game to World of Warcraft, I understand that game is all that they know, but that game isn’t even on the iPhone. Tibiame Hack Platinum. Game stays stuck on connect to login server.

tibiame hack platinum and premium 2013

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I’m sure no one read this but For Kids and adults. And it’s pretty addicting, I couldn’t go even the first couple hours without premium. Hi All, World 26 My Characters: I spent almost an hour searching through how to fix connection issues to game server.

This is the first gen of mobile MMOs! tibia,e

Tibiame Hack 2013 Platinum

Is this game permanently closed down, cant seem to log in past few days? I guess the app is down?

I hate the platinu that i payed to subscribe the game and now it keeps crashing every 5 min waste of money because i cant play like this Is this app not available for iPhone?


Everything else costs money. Great idea, great presentation.

It has to be free even with an overpriced cash shop you can’t live without. But i love the game! Join w29 and message Breakbot for a guild invite!

Please give your char’s.

TibiaME: Hack TibiaME

This app is nowhere near ready for release. Weak features platinim Tibia ME: First off, the game won’t load unless I do that home power button combo cycle. Etc, this game is dead. Try to reach finish under 70 seconds and avoid bombs, spikes and police fc 88ffacea1ab69fba14da It’s good but definitely gets boring after a little while due to these lacking elements.

tibiame hack platinum and premium 2013

But only a little job for you: Gm need to improve Gold matter Expire Cheat 20 Maret The World of Magic. I played the pc version of tibia for about 6 months but got sick of people luring monsters to town or blocking me off so I die and they can steal my loot.

Im Waiting For Along Time.

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This game was awesome on the preemium, but the problem is that you cant do much after level 10 without paying 5. Connection keeps on disconnecting every time O try logging in.


tibiame hack platinum and premium 2013

The only problems I have are the fact the the mobile edition lags bad like all the time. That is just one idea I have for this game.

File Tibiame Hack Gold Update 2013

It is an ok game but could improve I know it would not be like the pc game but I at least wanted all 4 vocations and spells. And i say i like it verry good job every body when they see this game it tigiame be the best game ever of their life ok!

Especially how fast a player advances their levels.