Its free to play. Etc, this game is dead. Gm need to improve Gold matter This game reminds me alot of runescape it has some great potential Minesweeper, Free Cell and Spider Solitaire.

tibiame v 2.13

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That annoyed me and make it boring to play. I am sure They won’t read tibizme Cool i like it i make it a 5 star but its released so i cant play it because its release i tought it will be longer played but it doesnt longer vv say and i think it was the cool and best game ever!! More updates ARE coming quest log, etc – until then, not worth to play. Would give 0 stars if I could.

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Talking Monkey Java Version: Games Freeware Add to favourites and follow me for more great contents. I would have payed a one time fee to buy it, but this platinum purchase crap is for the birds.

Games – Role Playing. Is a good game butt u need add new characters like a druid and pally U need better pvp play game Of u like send me a email and i send u pics of this characters. I spent almost an hour searching through how to fix connection issues to game server. Seven Swords doesn’t lag as bad as this, and tibimae has better graphics! Idk just something more to do than a single lvl The best app ever for iphone, and online 24h?


Pls do something about it Games Freeware Talking Monkey. On a Motorola i, Tbiame takes a long time to update after you log in. Well, there will be an Open Beta before the update is released.

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You cannot sign up without agreeing Terms of Service. Every mmo client I have played has not had this problem so it isn’t a problem of the tibime not going through.

tibiame v 2.13

It could be fun, except I wouldn’t know because every time I move I see a graphic of a dude tapping his fingers on an hourglass then I have to log back in, often back in town far from where I was because it lagged out and my character got killed somehow.

Tame one of seven monsters and make it your loyal ally. Thought I would give this a try Add world chat and the name of tibiqme who sell items in the shop!! Now just another money grabber. So please, be patient. So join our guild!


tibiame v 2.13

Go on cipsoft make this game the best mmo. Digital Things Sociedad Limitada. This game is one of the best. I like the game so far, but you should make new things like new characters and something that will not make the game boring.

Tibiame Hack Platinum. Moving faster the people walk a little tibiwme Join thousands of players in TibiaME and help your friends fight against dangerous monsters in the colourful world of TibiaME.

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Good game, but after you invest a lot of time playing you finally realize you will need to start paying to explore any further. I can’t hit sh.

Who’s going to spend hours and hours playing in their iPhone to get level 10?