Use Proper Title Format Do not make up post tags. Yuk spits one more verse which is hard as hell. Is XXL Guns his new one, havent heard of this, whats it like? Bringindawholeset- Starts out with some little skit from an old movie. I like the concept and im feeiln this track. I usually shop at cduniverse.

triggeration station

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Mitchy Slick spits first, and he comes clean All of them spit tight ass gangsta shit on this track. Submit a new text post.

Bringindawholeset- Starts out with some little skit from an old movie. Intro- usually most intros are stupid, this ones actually kinda tight. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

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I love the hook on this shit. I usually shop at cduniverse.

triggeration station

It has a little scratchin in the beggining and i think its C-Bo who goes “only thugs get rich” Mitch spits first. Don Diego and Damu- This beat is knockin! He’s spittin about how he’s just a regular hustler, not a rapper in his opinion.


triggeration station

Mitch comes clean first Don Diego – clean as usual. Yukmouth- Another clean ass beat. Mitchy spits hella clean on this shit! No Unwelcome Content or Prohibited Behavior Unwelcome content and prohibited behavior as defined by Reddit is never allowed. Its pretty much just talkin about growin up in SD and Logan.

Mitchy Slick – “Triggeration Station” | Artists that inspire | Baseball cards

Mitchy spits dope verses on this whole shit, hook is hella clean too. Threads made to speculate about cryptic social media posts or website updates are also not allowed. Apr 25, 4, Mitchy comes cool though and the features like Yuk made for good chemisty.

Who’s on it and who does the beats? Artists are encouraged to share music they’ve completed and released themselves, but original music posting guidelines must be followed.

Triggeration Station | Strong Arm Steady

They are talkin abuot bitches from their set switchin up. Beat isnt that tight either.

triggeration station

Not much to say, u gotta hear this one! Its all about Chevy’s and what kind him and his folks have.



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E Oh wow, this song is heat. Want to add to the discussion? No Image Posts Do not post images unless they contain newly-released album artwork, a track listing, tour dates, or other images containing relevant information that has not yet been posted. I liked the album but after a few listens I noticed that the beats statiion all that spectaculat, a little tgiggeration outdated. Don Diego spits kinda wack but Mitch comes clean.

triggeration station

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