It loaded ok, I played one game and then I switched it off. The DSTT is a fantastic little card. When I turned my ds back on again the screen froze at load up. Most people prefer the R4i.. However I read some where on here that they separated their games into another folder. To my amazement it worked! Yeah so i’ve had the card since January.

ttmenu kernel 1.18

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Installing Woor R4 interface problem

I just got my dstt card ttmwnu 4Gb sd card. Hope that ease your fears a bit. I’ve been told they are. I just put my sd card back in my pc and I don’t have the sys file that I was told would be created on boot up.

ttmenu kernel 1.18

Super Mario Bros with Quake-like sound effects. That is because your memory is full, try deleting some ROMS, until you have around 0. D and i would recommend buying one i didnt want the r4 coz me friend ttmeju one and theyre crap.

How do I access the games that I saved on the R4? Create new account Request new password. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.


I’ve never run into that problem myself, I’m just speculating. This is their web address. At first I just moved the 2 files to my DS and I got the blue screens, then I moved the folder which had like 8 files in it to my DS and it worked. What should i do?

Whoever told you that it was fake is wrong. You can store about 50 DS games on a 2gb microSD. Yeah so i’ve had the card since January. Do I need to add nesds in order for it to work? So I just got rid of some files and games that I thought I didn’t need. Who’s new djman23 anna Bat daron9mice chefdonnie0 fangdanger07 size0noah Joel Loveless spacefangbeads8 Snoflk The only thing I see are the icons to the game, how can I get it back to normal?

I’ve tried everything and everything seems to fail. kernek

ttmenu kernel 1.18

Touchscreen or button operation. You should create a folder called “Games” or whatever you wanna name it as and place all of the games that you want into that folder. I’m sure cyclods would handle all the homebrew games and emulators I want to play like monkey island 1,2, quake,doom,snes games,neogeo games but I want to be sure if kegnel can handle it?! This site has a huge selection of roms for just about every trmenu It had a few games in it already, and those too were absolutely fine.


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I changed teh name after first unzipping the files, wouldnt the sav file rename also before the game has been put into the ds. So I deleted more games. Instead of tttmenu your. I download some games onto the computer so I can transfer it onto the DSTT card thats fine, But when I transfer it onto my ds it dosn’t show up!!

ttmenu kernel 1.18

Also make sure you’ve downloaded the latest firmware. Super Mario Bead 3 stop-motion video. Also running original DOOM game Here is the download link from the official DSTT site: I have a R4 card with ver 1.