Coordinates can be specified in x. They taste the same as everyone else. Note that if you right-click on a house and give its label a name, it will NOT be removed automatically should that house disappear at some future time. I don’t hate mages. Seems some virus programs incorrectly are flagging the newer UOAssist.

tugsoft ultima online

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But it has been delayed since I have moved since I started up Tugsoft a couple of times and the last time I didn’t lutima the address and phone number with places like Dunn and Bradstreet and only updated my address state so the verification is taking longer.

Each time you change your shard, you will want to use a different log file so that you can be sure that the houses in your log file have a reasonable chance of being correct. Well the fix took just a few minutes so I tested it in XP and Win10 and it all looked good.

UOAssist | Tom’s Hardware Forum

I changed it to ID number instead of name. I’ve tryed to download on a different computer while i don’t have anything such antivirus program antimalware etc etc BUT the windows 7 pro told me that it IT infected, also Google Chrome deleted it! Feel free to use UOAssist on as many machines as you’d like. This page was last modified on 8 February I have thought about getting UO for awhile now, but have heard many different things about it.


More help if needed: I’ve found if I leave my reg bag open and minimized it doesn’t lose track of them anymore. When using a body guard have the body guard first follow and then attack or kill one person attacking you. GpuNotDetected 2 minutes ago.

Virus on UoAssist !?!?

Tugsort copy and paste to avoid that problem. Then when I hit NumLock it counted right. That will get rid of that annoying message. When you login to the game UOAssist creates a ‘seed’ which identifies your account so a key can be made to activate UOAssist.

tugsoft ultima online

This is a “UO Pro” Utility, which means that its use promotes and is in keeping with the spirit of the Ultima Online product, community and value system, and the use of this utility by players will not be considered by Origin Systems, Inc. I had forgotten about onlie long ago as I really have no need to click on links there. It does not contain your account name or password though. Follow the link on Origin’s page back to this site.

tugsoft ultima online

Getting a program like UOAssist will furthur increase your survivability. Tugsft ‘ key ‘ is created from the information contained in a ‘seed’ here at Tugsoft.


Users ulyima slower systems may discover that house logging creates an undue burden on their system. I was hoping you could answer my question if you have the time.

Virus on UoAssist !?!? – Ultima Online Forums

Make SURE the date is set correctly on your machine. You can get UOAssist from Tugsoft at http: Anyone else with this problem? I put some info on the update page but here is more. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This tugsodt. If no player is found or if you aren’t connected to a UOAM serverUOAM tries to match the name to a category onlien begins with the same letters and drop a marker on the nearest label for that category.

Hopefully that will get the browser safe people google to stop flagging the website as a naughty as well. Sign In with Account Center.

UO Assist – deactivated… (solution)

This means that only the area in your immediate vicinity is guaranteed to be accurate. The -find command looks for a match on the name you specify using the following algorithm:. Now you need to get your ‘seed’.