I don’t have one and I don’t know if I’d be able to make a good case for myself with the character limit there. I’ll go adding th new information and making fixes now. Can be either too cynical or too naive, depending on the situation. She is property of Aline M. Why do we call them all resamplers? I’ve tried b and B, but they never made a difference so I assumed they didn’t work.

utau m4 resampler

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This is just my observations on it so far.

UTAU “Resampler” Directory

I don’t have one and I don’t know if I’d be able to make a good case for myself with the character limit there. Aline can be freely converted into a GarageBand plugin, but only if said plugin is k4 to redistribute and free of charge.

utau m4 resampler

Why do we call them all resamplers? When not using the visor, she just uses regular glasses or glasses with either a lilac, blue or teal tint to it when she’s feeling fancy. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for putting the time in to type all that j4 and look around at all those files.

UTAU “Resampler” Directory | UtaForum

It is allowed for her to voice another original character, though, as long as fesampler on the original voicebank is given. It’s also recommended to register your work with a Creative Commons license, to allow remixes and covers by other users.


If you want to discuss contents of this page – uhau is the easiest way to do it. Resampler was the very first resampler for UTAU, and though since then there have been many more invented that are not called Resampler, we still catagorize them as a whole as “resamplers”.

Failing on comply this rule might upset the author and make her remove both her works and Aline’s voicebank from the internet.

utau m4 resampler

Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Character Details, traits and backstory is entirely optional, feel free to portray them as you like. She might have the tendency to always suffer injuries for the weirdest reasons. Its breathness settings sound more realistic than the other resamplers, and it is the only engine that gives full control of it.

Its formant filter can’t be turned off.

As of handling voices, it is still a bit unpredictable, but in a general rule, it will make voices a bit softer and beathy. Differently from resampler, only using B will not make the voice go “unvoiced” and just whisper mostly in a creepy waybut you would need to set V to 0 too to get this result. ZokuMar 5, Messages Likes Received 1 Trophy Points 7.

This thread needs help! And also, UTAU 2. It generates clear, smooth sound in these cases; however, it reacts very poorly to any noise in a sample. Please read this if you want to know what help I need. Share This Page Tweet. Lilac shirt with small frills on all extremities said shirt can be tucked or untucked, depending on her moodblue vest with teal extremities and frills on the shoulders, white attachable jabot with teal-trimmed purple jewel which she sometimes may forget to attach and tie the clothblue pants with small frills on pockets and leg ends, purple and teal belts with small frills on the sides, lilac resampker warmers with teal trims on the elbows and frills on wrists, blue sneakers with teal soles and ties and purple frilled side details, small lilac socks with frills on the extremities.


Plus all those dlls we have to download. In case of commercial use of her image, the same rules apply; you may consult the voicebank resamplrr for profit use, though. This is done to avoid copyrighting a voicebank that’s not yours. If you ever open a UST and what’s listed there is red, just change it to a resampler you have or change the directory to where that resampler is located.

It’s because that area – Tool 2 – is where you put the. Messages Likes Received Trophy Points I’ll go asking ifthis is alright right away, and hpefully my English will be clear enough. She is property of Aline M.

utau m4 resampler

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