They are erect plants which bear perfumed flowers in shades of white to red, including yellow, reminding tea scent. The blooming is in June-August. There are present and discussed the fact that the legitimate name is Cirsium heterophyllum L. The yellow, fibrous root system supports a branching stem 0, m tall. This obtained product is preserved into a bag.

violeta lumina vestului si monica lupsa

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Today, we face two important challenges in the planning and management of trees in urban streets and other paved sites. This paper contains the classification of water plants and a brief description of some aquatic species used in Korean ancient and modern gardens in order to introduce in our country.

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It reacts with pulp of some species from Boletus genus and colouring these in blue up to purple. Small, semi-involte flowers, grouped in big clusters; mauve petals, white stripped, with strong fragrance.

violeta lumina vestului si monica lupsa

Some of the vascular plants, previously cited in region, have been confirmed by us. For the specialists who collect fungi, especiually mushrooms, for a collection, they have to follow some instructions: At the adaxial face, in the groove and in its lateral parts, going to the abaxial face where the collenchyma is present there are numerous cells with lignified walls, grouped or isolated.


The awareness of habitat factors when bringing trees to city parks, squares and avenues was probably not much developed in the past, partly because the city environment did not differ that much from the local natural habitat at that time. In the middle sixteenth century, Hieronymus Bock had reported that extracts of Sedum telephium ssp. Pinului rivulet, Budacu; Dentaria glandulosa Waldst. The performance improvement of the WOFOST in the new adaptation may come from the calibration procedure and in case of winter crops from the simulation of the impact of the winter conditions.

Therefore, many trees in urban paved sites are periodically exposed to critical water stress. Reactions are coloured in red, yellow up to purple.

The conductive tissues form numerous vascular bundles disposed on a ring and separated by narrow medullar rays.

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Lemna minor is simple free-floating thalli on the water surface. Rapport Expertisecentrum LNV nr. The leaves are ovate.

violeta lumina vestului si monica lupsa

There is no recommended the depositing of mushrooms in plastic bags. Dipsacaceae in Flore de la Republique Socialiste de Serbie. Geranion sanguinei, Quercion pubescentis; frequency in Romania: Presl named stemless gentian, is an early spring perennial species, increased spontaneously in Retezat mountaines.

violeta lumina vestului si monica lupsa

The species has an oblique rhizome, strong, and a high stem of cm, ovate leaves arranged in rosettes. Also, in this paper is presented two rare plants in the flora of Romania: II,Scabiosa silaifolia Velen.


The plantlets were rise between 10 to 15 June Fig. Our research in all these areas will be presented and discussed.

Gura dulce a mandri – Florin Pistrila live la ziua lui Marius Maistorel www. The leaves can be up to thirty centimeters in diameter and they take up a spread of cm per plant. La variabilite des rosiers: An approach toward rational classification on climate. He understood that most of the thoughts, feelings, and ideas were almost impossible to express because of his disability.

Pheasant’s eye have a solitary flower which appears in April in the top of the stem, with golden-yellow su Fig.

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More than that, the Romanian traditional medicine considers that this plant might have therapeutic vulnerary, antiseptic, wounds effects. Meteorological Data Collection, Processing and Analysis. Here follow two diagrams of rose evolution Fig. In both abaxial and adaxial faces, the epidermis presents unicellular protective hairs Fig.

The case of the present rose cultivars is specific to other important ornamental plants, too, as follows: