With the help of the magical ring, Vijay takes Padma on the bed, whilst Bhairava is performing puja facing towards the dark goddess. They stood against evil sorcery, which is why Bhairava put them in a bottle and threw the bottle at the shore, bordering on the desert. He is pulled down by some roots which come up from a cave near to the island of Bhairava. The actors in Bhairava Dweepam are Balakrishna, Roja and the lyrics are penned by Sirivennala sitarama sastry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

virisinadi vasantha ganam telugu song

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A Yakshini Rambha starts to dance on seeing Vijay, whilst the Lilliputians try find the key. Next morning, Brahmananda Bhupati calls in a court doctor to medicate Padma.

Bhairava Movie Songs – MatchApp. The movie ends with the happy marriage of Padma with Vijay and the union of Chandraprabha Dynasty and Kartikeya Dynasty. The ugly man reveals his flashback. They got out when gaanm blind man had kicked the bottle.

virisinadi vasantha ganam telugu song

Newer Post Older Post Home. The dragon bursts and Vijay is dropped down into the sea. In a fight, Vijay slays Bhairava with the sacrificial sword. Vijay reaches the castle with Padma.


virisinadi vasantha ganam telugu song

Bhairava Dweepam telugu movie songs – southcinema lyrics. The same night, Bhairava sends Padma back her castle. Vasundhara and Vijay do not recognize each other. By the curse, Vijay turns into a very ugly man. Bhairava advises Padma to have a bath and wear the sacrificial costume. As a gratitude, the nymph blesses Vijay with a magical ring and reveals that Bhairava is about to sacrifice Padma on a full moon night.

Bhairava Dweepam – Wikipedia

Vasundhara prays to a goddess and takes all the ugliness from her son. The village chieftain and his wife adopt the child and name him Vijay. After a song with Padma, Vijay’s disguise is revealed.

Balakrishna Hits Balakrishna movies Balakrishna songs balakrishna action scenes Balakrishna dialogues Movies. Vijay escapes with Padma. Vijay returns to Jamadagni Ashram to meet Vasundhara.


Virisinadi Vasantha Ganam Full Video Song | Bhairava Dweepam | Nandamuri Balakrishna | ETV Cinema

With magic, the devils bring Vijay to consciousness. Confused, Brahmananda Bhupathi allows both parties to stay in the castle for one day.

When there is a damaged backlink we re not in ganamm of it. The Lilliputians help Vijay reach Yakshini Loka and show where the necklace is locked in.


They stood against evil sorcery, which is why Bhairava put them in a bottle and threw the bottle at the shore, bordering on the desert. Aayanalaanti oka unique director nundi vachina one of the gems Bhairava Dweepam Almost Folklore fade avtunna time lo vachina movie Bhairavadweepam.

Naruda O Naruda video song featuring Balakrishna and Rambha. She is protected by a hermit named Jamadagni near the river. Maadavapeddi Suresh Un Select All: Virisinadi Vasantha Ganam song lyrics Bhairava Dweepam. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Skip to main content Telugu Songs Lyrics Search. With Vijay’s plea to the horse, the blind man regains his previous form of the king.

In anger, Padma throws the necklace down. Films directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao.