I love it, Hails Henry Mancia go to album. ITP recommends that readers are 18 and up, we are not responsible for raising your kids. Grindcore Overlords Premiere Tracks ITP, while a media partner for most labels,does not write for nor work for record labels and is independent of record labels. Watain and Paradise Lost confirme A prominent, and repetitive melody flows like melting snow water through out the song, very intimate, and yes you could hear the snow melting and the waters flowing as the song ends with the strumming of a guitar.

wedard eiskrieg ii

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Extreme metal reviews, news, and insight on extreme metal music, culture and society. ITP is not a request journal, it is an extreme metal source for extreme metal news, no hipsters, ITP is my journal. Individual thought patterns V.

Eiskrieg II – Or browse results titled:. If you like Eiskrieg II, you may eiskrisg like: Solitude Intro – Not all ITP V.

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Don’t blame us as we’re straight edge. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

wedard eiskrieg ii

This journal is anti establishment, but please no national socialists or political propaganda. I don’t like people whom don’t respect the metal genres, or ME following me on or offline, stalking or menacing me, any obsessions, or neighbors looking to fight, or make a delusional conspiracy theory out of nothing, so I will take legal action to define a boundary with posers and bullies. This album reeks of dispair and hopelessness.


Consent means sign up for said syndicate, chances are, ITP V. No, I’m NOT your booking agent, promoter, manager, public relations assistant.

Wedard – Eiskrieg II DIGI-CD

If you are eiskreig for a Depressive Suicidal Black Eskrieg album that takes you to the darkest and loneliest parts of the human soul, this is an album for you 3verchanger go to album. Grindcore Overlords Premiere Tracks Purchasable with gift card. There are a couple of labels that are blacklisted, one that is national socialist. All sources are attributed, there are NO illegal downloads here. If you like Eiskrieg II, you may also like:.

Eiskrieg II | EwigesEisRecords

Just the rating, and there’s no guarantee that all ratings will wefard. ITP recommends that readers are 18 and up, we are eidkrieg responsible for raising your kids.

WEDARD reminds us in our psychic torment that in this darkness there is beauty in nature as we walk alone on the desolate snowy path of our self destruction.


Midnight Odyssey ” kicks off tight, with conviction as a provocative melody floats through the song.

WEDARD eiskrieg ii, CD for sale on

This is NOT a personal diary, this is an extreme metal journal, esikrieg and for extreme metal heads whom are not ignorant to the reality of society. Watain and Paradise Lost confirme Good song concept, I just wish the rhythm section was tighter.

wedard eiskrieg ii

Sternenfrost vocals employ a little too much reverb, although interesting in its effect, the song is mesmerizing and disturbing, you can hear Sternenfrost screaming in psychic agony in the background.

I love it, Hails Henry Mancia. Extreme music for a brutal and extreme society. A couple of issues I would like to address: ITP does not promote main stream music nor mall core.

wedard eiskrieg ii

The new EP from atmospheric black metal masters Mesarthim finds them more triumphant and symphonic than ever. Kadin Wisniewski go to album. Hidden Bonus Track –