This allows other wireless devices to scan and establish communication with the device. A CRC correction is performed for some firmware image types. How to install downloaded driver. Switch on the WLg immediately after rebooting. The underlying Linux system is unlocked for you to access via telnet or ssh.

wl 330g firmware

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Add Simplified Chinese language support. You may be able to add network disk storage.

As pointed out in one of my previous posts, you’ll have to set the Wan port: Alternative firmware for Asus wireless routers. The firmware image is analyzed by Binwalk, noting the presence and type of any embedded filesystems. The device utilities are copied to your computer.

wl 330g firmware

Moreover, pressing the reset button one time will allow the WLg to switch to the next AP. WLg English Firmware Version. Using Usb Bus Power 2.


wl 330g firmware

Page 48 Pass Phrase. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. Download Asuswrt-Merlin for free. Please try again later.

Forgive me for being upset, but is it too much to ask for a simple HTML table describing. See details on compatibility below.


Change the name of the application from Wireless Setting to Wireless Settings. I would like to.

wl 330g firmware

These days openwrt does. Tue Oct 12, 2: You can find both of the above from the ASUS website or simply download from links below.

List of Asus routers

The compact WLg is not only a wireless access point Access point mode: After upgrading firmware, keep the same PPPoE parameters if user edited it already. This router supports Micro-plus. WLg Custom Development; Toppy. Once you know, you Newegg! Profile priority function to enable different type of site survey. Very stable device and the price is right. Web Configuration Utility 3.

Allows you to specify the channel the device uses to communicate with other wireless device s in the network. With it comes a HoT sim card carrier t-mobile ATwhich I’ve found not work in more rural areas so one should better choose a A1 based provider A1, bob, Yessss!


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Table Of Contents Contents Notices Tue Jun 08, 2: You may restore these values by pressing the reset button for more than five seconds. Additional utilities and command line interface. After thethe power light has been slowly blinking on the router but I am still unable to access the firmware.