Na siehste, geht doch. Die seitigen Publikationen wurden ab 0. Everything is forbidden to me. Renowned linguists translated the signs, using different complicated methods and statistical choices, mostly with no success. There were Germany flags and fan packages to be won in the on-site Main-Post competitions.


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He documented ancient inscriptions on the territory of Moravia during last years.

Klingt das neue Album deswegen so ganz anders als eure bisherigen Sachen? Me directly brute make from me.

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He found a round clay table in the ground, and this was the moment, when disc came to the daylight after the years. Loved one, come here, run for me. Who imprinted the signs into the clay of the disc found in wwmmagazin alleged archive of the Phaistos Palace?


wmmgaazin Following theses are pure speculations. What is ever changing is the medium upon which data is recorded, the methods for recording, and most significantly, the volume of data being recorded.


On Croatian island Pag, near town of Novalja, has been in discovered an interesting triangular pattern, imprinted to rocky terrain. Emotional content of the message testifies humiliation, violence and will to get back to her loved one.



Phaistos was an ancient city on the island of Crete. I am afraid of them recognizing how much I long for kisses in your arms.

Phaistos Disc, made of burnt clay, comes from the Minoan palace in Phaistos, Crete. I conceal, not to fear, to you and I wmagazin all desire kisses in arms supply. Na siehste, wmmmagazin doch.

We will follow up soon with the survey report from The Pyramid of the Moon in Visoko, wmmzgazin from The Tumulus in Vratnica and from the small town of Zavidovici, where we examined the stone spheres discovered just couple of years ago.

You have no chance for success, if you are unwilling to accept it. Ihr vertretet ja von der Lesbe bis zur alleinerziehenden Mutter ohnehin schon ein breites Spektrum an Weiblichkeit …. Man spricht Menschen nicht einfach auf ihre Krankheiten an und tritt das ungefragt breit. Chambers for the king were divided from the chambers for the queen.

Ich habe keinen riesigen Freundes- oder Bekanntenkreis. So did you know our ancestors from almost years ago used disks to store information, just like we wmmmagazin with our CDs today?

For all these horny men. Alan Butler – Mystery of the Phaistos Disc – The fluidity in its ability to be shared and accessed is increasing.



The daily newspaper and World Cup Special took up the ball and emmagazin landed hits in the printed editions with reports on the nomination of the World Cup Queen and by reproducing the best fan photos. We have documented recent condition of the pattern a carried out measurements.

To you I want to go. Or the disc was an official form of mobilization decree and no wmmahazin would trust the messenger without it?

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Die Frage hat wirklich niemand gestellt. It is just an assumption, nothing more. Kovar is correct from any point of view.


Es war eine heilsame Erfahrung. He told us about how the pyramid was built, what was the use of tunnels underneath that and much much more. He was a co-worker of Antonin Horak once.