It includes support for both 32 bit AND bit operating systems. I am trying to compile Xuggler under windows. I will do a post with full documentation on this, but this one feature is the thing that is causing the most build issues. That has now been changed and tested. To see how to download it, go to our downloads page. Make Xuggler build on Windows bit and cross-compile from linux Status:

xuggler 5.3

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I xugglef use Ivy or Maven and don’t know what to do: Finally, thanks to the kind folks at ConnectSolutions who continue to sponsor this work! I have shut down our continuous build server and Community Hero Trevor Burton has kindly agreed to host the documentation and website for the project at www.

New Features in Xuggler 5 To give people a sense of what all the construction is about, here are the features xkggler for Xuggler 5 and where they are in terms of completeness.

Xuggle | xu‧ggle (zŭ’ gl) v. To freely encode, decode, and experience audio and video.

Xuggle if you could please help me with getting started. This further complicates our windows builds, which remain broken for now.

xuggler 5.3

And builds on Windows boxes for bit would take about 8 hours which was a serious disincentive to me maintaining that platform. Death to installers April 3, One of xugyler things that has bugged me about Xuggler from day-zero was the need to separately build and install the native code BEFORE you can do anything useful. There seems to be a file http: This class is no substitute for actually understanding the how to xugglwr the Xuggler API within your specific use-case.


Xuggler 5 will publish a maven POM that works and is tested.

xuggler 5.3

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But please recognize you will likely need to implement code specific to your application. Hot on the heels of Xuggler 5.

xuggle-xugglerpom in xuggle | source code search engine

An example class that shows how to use the Xuggler library to open, decode, re-sample, encode and write media files. To build local java doc when you install, run: This mean setting some obscure operating-system specific environment variables and hoping for the best. That means for Windows users, Xuggler now looks like any other Jar file. Unfortunately it means a slight change in user interface for using FFmpeg with our streams.


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For those who do not follow the mailing list, Xuggler development is on hiatus. Up until Xuggler 5. To freely encode, decode, xugglerr experience audio and video. To cross-compile Xuggler, install the cross-compiler suite, and then execute: It includes support for both 32 bit AND bit operating systems. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years, in particular Robert Harris my former partner in crime.

I have transitioned completely to GIT, but the auto-build system i. This site uses cookies. To see how to download it, go to our downloads page. To cross-compile Xuggler, install the cross-compiler suite, and then execute:. Native code is what gives Xuggler its power, but native code to Java users is strange. Active 7 years, 5 months ago. So, in an attempt to get off notice, we no longer auto-build FAAC.