Tracking list e i testi dell’album: Young Marqus Is The 4th Member. Mindles behavior Young Marqus. After the concert i yelled to young Marqus and said “Chicago loves you! IDK who that girl is.

young marqus heartbeat

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young marqus heartbeat

If MBdid a song with young MarqusI would pass tf out. Young Marqus is another crush I have. Log in Sign up.

Young marqus ft jacob latimore put that on my heartbeat

If you ever meet Young Marqus in person he does not look like he is 12 years old. Home Young Marqus feat. I refuse to believe Young Marqus is Timbaland occasionally releases songs on random Thursdays, but none of them have quite stood out like this one. I had to show love to DJ Screw.

MUSIC VIDEO: Young Marqus ft. Jacob Latimore – Put That On My Heartbeat | Pretty Girls Sweat

And what better person to have as a feature than DMV native, Wale? IDK who that girl is. Sad moment when marsus all now figure out his age…. Mindless behavior Young marqus. Messiah Harris and Marqus are only 13 which makes me feel like there is hope for me.

It makes greatness whenever we make our minds share It’s kinda rare heartbdat find an everyday valentine Now we ain’t gotta talk about it like a pantomime Taking private vacations out there in Santomire And bring her back to Georgia I got her feelin like Atlanta’s mine Oooooh Don’t listen to them words, they hating undercover Ooooh there it go In one ear and right out the other Ooooh you know Miss I really love company right into the sky baby I swear I’d never leave your side baby I put that on my heartbeat I put that on my heartbeat Put that on my heartbeat Put that on my heartbeat.


Young Marqus Is The 4th Member. He is so mature for his age, when I found out he was 12 after I met him I was like 0.

And I put that on my heartbeat Together yeah we shall be Above where the clouds be Together no matter what any hater compare us to Fly to England and Paris I got your back no embarrassments You say you trust me I’m saying ditto You say you miss me I’m saying ditto You say you like me why singing karqus is soprano Don’t harmonize much but I write it down in piano Our future brighter than Time Square Appreciate it whenever it’s time shared And girl we?

Seriouslycan I have him?

young marqus on Tumblr

Jacob latimore Young marqus. Young Marqus is 13 years old. Drake needs to start stuttering on his verses more, it works somehow.

young marqus heartbeat

Jacob Latimore – Young Marqus. TOP 5 Tracks of November Tracking list e i testi dell’album: Tutti i testi di Young Marqus feat. Young Marqus can’t be Put That on My Heartbeat Data di pubblicazione: If Young Marqus come to Philly trust and believe I will have my moment with him.


young marqus heartbeat

Am I the only one who thinks Young Marqus can get it any time of the oyung Want to see more posts tagged young marqus?

Put That on My Heartbeat testo.

Jacob latimore put that on my heartbeat

Not only heartbea Lecrae still have it, but Novel does too! Today is the day for me! Mindles behavior Young Marqus. Young Marqus Respect Me.

Send Me A Picture ft. Put That on My Heartbeat.